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No financial help for pensioners

  iscanut 10:30 21 Mar 2020

As welcome as all the government financial schemes are, I note that there does not seem to be anything for us pensioners. As we are asked to stay at home, we will be using more gas, water and electricity than usualso it would have been nice to have had some help with these extra costs. I know we got fuel allowance but that is for the "normal" winter. However, I have just had a note saying that my State Pension is being increased by £8 per month so we can use that ! Also Tesco & Sainsburys are opening between 8am & 9am for OAPs BUT if I travel bu bus to get there , I have to pay as bus pass does not kick in until 9.30am !

  Quickbeam 10:46 21 Mar 2020

Check to see if your bus pass is valid all day, I read somewhere that some are.

  Govan1x 11:28 21 Mar 2020

Like iscanut my bus pass does not start till 9.30. It used to be for anytime but that changed years ago. probably anytime in Scotland as England always drag behind others.

Times in England. 09:30 until 23:00

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:01 21 Mar 2020

Pensioners on a curfew :0).

Yes you are having to pay more gas / electric but you can't spend it in the pubs cafes or on fuel to get to amenities cinemas theaters etc. so your are unlikely to be out of pocket.

Plus there is less to buy in the shops due to the hoarders anyway


  wee eddie 12:12 21 Mar 2020

I'm a Pensioner.

I can see no reason that my Pension should be increased. Little has changed in my lifestyle, nor will it

  Pine Man 12:14 21 Mar 2020

I can see no reason that my Pension should be increased.

So you'll be turning down the latest increase in pension?

  wee eddie 12:22 21 Mar 2020

Pine Man, what a stupid response:

My reply was in response to the OP's Post regarding "Extra Money to cover the COVID19 Emergency"

  Pablo de Catio 12:41 21 Mar 2020


If you are that short of money, have you considered pension credit. It is there for those pensioners with little income.

  Pine Man 13:53 21 Mar 2020

what a stupid response:

I'll put that down to CV stress ;-)

  geoff96 13:54 21 Mar 2020

Older people in Leeds and West Yorkshire can now use free bus passes at any time

enter link description here

  hssutton 15:37 21 Mar 2020

What good are free bus passes if like me and many others there are no buses + the fact that as we are almost on lockdown there is nowhere to go, so I find I'm saving money. A good time to work in the garden, or would be if it wasn't too dammed cold on the East Coast

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