No database is safe from hackers

  wee eddie 17:52 21 Mar 2019

I think that we have to accept that no database is safe. It seems to me that regardless of the intentions of the Techies, they have been unable to provide continuous security on any site.

I think that if the Internet cannot provide security for our personal details, we will need to rethink our use of it

  KEITH 1955 18:29 21 Mar 2019

There are 2 reasons why databases are insecure , firstly the users say "its not my responsibility I don't get paid to do that", secondly in the case of passwords , websites and databases are insecure simply because if it was possible to make a password 1 million digits long it would still get cracked/hacked , not by a person , but by a machine with specialist software.

17 years ago I got my first virus within 10 minutes of turning my first ever pc on. I let in and updated quicktime and several other things , the shop told me pre-installed software would auto update so don't panic.

Then it happened , 10 minutes in I went onto web for first time and a box came up and it said "you need to grant GATOR permission to access the internet. Not suspecting anything wrong I granted permission and then the sticky brown stuff hit the fan. It turned out that at that time something called GATOR was the yellow pages of spyware ….. ouch !

All those years ago there were not many threats to be wary of , I would hate to thing I was buying my first pc today.

  morddwyd 18:44 23 Mar 2019

This is news?

  wee eddie 19:57 23 Mar 2019

No, MDD, it is not news but we, the public, are still working on the basis that they will keep our details safe.

We need to think again

  x13 20:12 23 Mar 2019

Hardware hacking is now the norm even though UEFI in latest PCs was supposed to secure most hardware vulnerabilities. Malware more than Viruses is also the norm. As for accepting 'no data base is safe' then I would agree. Solution could be backing up daily to an external drive that's disconnected once the backup is complete.

Only a matter of time that hackers will hack cloud based data IMHO.

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