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No confidence vote against the PM soon.

  Govan1x 10:05 10 Jan 2019

It was revealed on the news this morning that from a labour spokesman that there would be a no confidence vote against the Prime Minister soon.

It seems all other political party's have agreed to this so just a matter of waiting to see how the prime minister deals with the brexit question and whether she keeps to her deal only.

It does not look like her deal is going to survive and if so she has 3 days on which to ammend her deal.

A way out of it maybe be to stand down and let another Tory party Mp be PM.

Obviously a new general election maybe called for but maybe a case of out of the frying pan and into the Fire comes to mind.

Just when we thought things could not get any worse it looks like it will.

Myself i think the EU is trying there best to keep us in the EU and it is a warning to other countries not to try it.

So the only way out of being bullied into accepting something that none of us want would of course be a no deal. Any other deal and there is only one winner and it is not us.

Looks like this saga is going to continue for years to come and with the country split down the middle it is not going to be easy to resolve.

No party that takes us out of the EU or keeps us in will never be popular for a long time.

No matter what Party it is there will be no winners in the long run.

  john bunyan 14:06 15 Jan 2019

Wake me up on 1 April

  BT 17:41 15 Jan 2019

And, after Parliament has voted, what if the EU says. "It's the deal, on the table or No Deal"

I thought they already had.

  Forum Editor 17:54 15 Jan 2019

We're all saying the same old things, over and over again.

MPs will be voting in a short while, and depending on the numbers the speculation can begin all over again. It should all be a lot clearer by the weekend.

Some politicians have gone out of their way to engineer things to their own advantage, and it will be interesting to see who pays what price in the aftermath.

  Quickbeam 18:28 15 Jan 2019

"It should all be a lot clearer by the weekend."

What's the odds on mud becoming as cleat as crystal HB...?

  Old Deuteronomy 20:19 15 Jan 2019

Mrs May crashed and burnt, 432-202.

  john bunyan 20:40 15 Jan 2019

A “No Confidence “ debate tomorrow. HB - what are odds on a Corbyn win? I suspect the Government will win, but what then? There is no majority for anything.�/p>

  Aitchbee 20:55 15 Jan 2019

jb, the odds you ask for are as follows.

Government to win No Confidence Vote 1/20. Government to Lose No Confidence Vote 9/1.

  wee eddie 21:56 15 Jan 2019

The Conservatives are unlikely to vote themselves out of office and open the field to labour or a General Election

  Govan1x 22:19 15 Jan 2019

I wonder who the Pm is going to blame for that fiasco of a vote.

Not sure if it was the PM or David Cameron who blame the two support workers for giving her or him a bad advice. I would probably say it was the wrong ones that got sacked.

The vote tomorrow will be close but no Tory MP's will want to loose their jobs so looks like she may hang on. Still think 9.1 is a decent bet though.

  Quickbeam 06:26 16 Jan 2019

So where to now?

She'll be over to the EU, bring back no substantial change and offer the same again wrapped differently. It's pretty obvious that any plan B through to Z will require the backstop no matter who presents it.

It was a chance to move on from the middle ground, now the middle ground has just widened beyond reasonable easy communication distance and the barbed wire will soon be in place as the entrenchment of opinion deepens into the mire.

Then the same question again... so where to now?

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