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No confidence vote against the PM soon.

  Anon-2432433 10:05 10 Jan 2019

It was revealed on the news this morning that from a labour spokesman that there would be a no confidence vote against the Prime Minister soon.

It seems all other political party's have agreed to this so just a matter of waiting to see how the prime minister deals with the brexit question and whether she keeps to her deal only.

It does not look like her deal is going to survive and if so she has 3 days on which to ammend her deal.

A way out of it maybe be to stand down and let another Tory party Mp be PM.

Obviously a new general election maybe called for but maybe a case of out of the frying pan and into the Fire comes to mind.

Just when we thought things could not get any worse it looks like it will.

Myself i think the EU is trying there best to keep us in the EU and it is a warning to other countries not to try it.

So the only way out of being bullied into accepting something that none of us want would of course be a no deal. Any other deal and there is only one winner and it is not us.

Looks like this saga is going to continue for years to come and with the country split down the middle it is not going to be easy to resolve.

No party that takes us out of the EU or keeps us in will never be popular for a long time.

No matter what Party it is there will be no winners in the long run.

  Anon-302934 15:18 14 Jan 2019

Yes, but there are plenty of MPs to spare...

  Anon-2432433 00:39 15 Jan 2019

It looks like the PM has brought this on herself with her pure stubbornness to change her tactics. For the last 6 months we have had to listen to its my deal or no deal.

She has gone out of her way to upset a lot of MP's in the opposition party's and her own party.

She has completely ignored the SNP to a degree that that the next war maybe between England and Scotland.

I dont think there is any MP in the house of commons that has not been upset by some of her antics.

So I would think it is pay back time for those that she has not been kind to.

She has not made many friends amongst the Mp's how does she expect to get help from then.

Well that's the way I see it.maybe she would not be in this mess if she had not held the last general election. To me she made a mess of that and is making a mess of Brexit.

I am sure if we accepted the deal we would all be happy for the next 2 years. But would it all start up again after that.

labor was down and out when she held the last election and now they are up there fighting to win the next election. Labour and the Lib ems are just using brexit to make themselves more popular. Lib Dems were down and out as well but are having a revival.

Like i said the PM seems to have upset most voters and MP's and there will be only one looser out of this and it will be the tory party who may struggle in the years to coms.

Personally I think her deal would be the best at the moment. I would probably say it could be a very long time before we see another woman as PM.

  Anon-302934 03:40 15 Jan 2019

'the next war maybe between England and Scotland.'

It's irresponsible to make wild statements like that. House prices in Berwick may well plumet as a result.

  Anon-302934 03:57 15 Jan 2019

The withdrawal agreement on offer needs to be taken if we're to move on, either of the two extreme alternatives, dropout or revoke would create a toxic public atmosphere for a decade or more. Already we are in a position whereby politicians and industry moguls being interviewed or the public on a phone in seem to have to pre-qualify themselves before they speak by making it clear whether they voted remain or leave, which in turn adversely affects what we think of their comments before they say anything.

The backstop in my mind is being used as a red herring by the two extreme camps as a reason to not accept anything that isn't 100% what they want. I can live with it as an full on remainer, I can move on with it. But if it comes back to us, we're all back to square one as if I'm given another remain option, that will be how I'd vote again as I still believe that we're making a huge economic mistake. This is the only option I can go along with.

  Anon-302934 04:23 15 Jan 2019

The SNP and LibDem revival:

I do seriously believe that these two parties could get to the position after the next general election, that they could work together as a united thrust to force electoral reform onto a kicking and screaming Parliament. As a lifelong supporter of electoral reform, I could even see a positive outcome from Brexit in that case!

There is now no doubt that the Tories are in a lose/lose/lose electoral position. The fickle voting public will punish them for failing to deliver a Brexit, or for delivering a bomb out Brexit, or for compromising too much on Brexit. And I don't believe that Labour will be sweeping up a victory from the bitter backlash because of their muddled and undecipherable Brexit position over the last two years.

British politics is not so much about to enter a state of great flux as it did post WW1, but to have it's foundations scoured violently in the coming tsunami of change.

  Anon-2432433 10:24 15 Jan 2019

Use Trump's tactics and build a wall round Berwick that should do the trick.

  Anon-281249 11:08 15 Jan 2019

And, after Parliament has voted, what if the EU says. "It's the deal, on the table or No Deal"

  Anon-302934 12:03 15 Jan 2019

One conundrum at a time please!

  Anon-281249 13:00 15 Jan 2019

Quickbeam: Whether our MPs believe it, or not, that is the position Teresa May says that we are in.

  Anon-302934 13:36 15 Jan 2019

Yes, it's now time to take the money.

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