No Cold Caller Sign

  johndrew 15:19 04 Mar 2015

Some time ago a very good notice was posted/linked within these forums that confirmed no cold callers were wanted and confirmed the occupier had no wish to change their religion.

I downloaded and printed a copy but failed to save the details or a copy. That which I am using has now faded and I need to replace it. Can anyone remember who posted with regard to the poster and/or were the link is?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  bumpkin 15:35 04 Mar 2015

I don't know if it is the one you meant click here

  johndrew 15:56 04 Mar 2015

Thanks for coming back.

Unfortunately this is not the one. Having looked at the much faded item, it is similar to the format below and says:

No Cold Calling We do not Buy or Sell Anything at the Door We do not wish to buy or sell ANYTHING Change Utility Providers Answer Surveys Take SKY Services Discuss Your Religion Have Quotes for Home Improvements of any sort Please Respect our Wishes

It appears to be in two or three different colours, blue, black and either red or brown. The lettering is of at least four different fonts and sizes.

  johndrew 16:46 04 Mar 2015

Got it!!

If anyone else wants it look here.

It was Jack who posted it and BT who sent it way back in 2010.

Thanks for your help anyway.

  BT 17:34 04 Mar 2015

Yes it was me who posted it originally and I still use it. Its changed a little over the years but is essentially the same. Replaced mine just this week.

Please make use of it as required.

I will post the latest version if anyone wants it

  bumpkin 17:39 04 Mar 2015

T.hat is a good one, thanks for the link

  BT 07:56 05 Mar 2015

Lazarus The 2nd

Thanks for sorting that out.

  Quickbeam 08:23 05 Mar 2015

Will it be any less a red rag to a bull than do not walk on the grass signs in the park, no turning in driveway, keep dogs on a lead, no more than two kids at a time in the sweet shop, cross on the green man only or 20mph limits on the road?

It's human nature to challenge the rules in any situation...

  johndrew 13:53 05 Mar 2015


I have used this for some years and many, especially the religious, respect it and leave with no knocking or leaflet dropping. Obviously there are those who either are unable to read or have no respect for the privacy of others but they can be dealt with either by ignoring them, reading the sign to them or simply indicating its presence - many of these do not return.

As for your other examples I have less comment for.

  AroundAgain 14:23 06 Mar 2015

Thanks for this I needed a new one too! :)

  BT 08:41 07 Mar 2015

Pleased you people like my sign. Its actually been posted in a number of other places and well received.Even the Parcel Force man asked where I got it from and did it work?

Just for interest I actually made it originally in the free version of Serif's PagePlus which allows you to easily use the Fonts and colours etc., and lends itself to making changes as required. The version posted here was converted from the Serif .ppp format to a .jpeg for convenience. The free version will only save in .ppp format but a full version saves in most formats. Serif often sell previous full versions very cheaply when they bring out a new one. I got mine for a Tenner.

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