No claims bonus

  wiz-king 18:57 27 Feb 2012

Have Costa lost it? Third accident.

1st Egypt

2nd Italy

3rd Seychelles

  johndrew 20:22 27 Feb 2012

The suggestion on BBC News was that if the Concordia incident hadn't occurred, the Allegra would hardly be newsworthy. I wonder.

Perhaps, given its position, if Somali pirates (criminals?) get involved it will be more than newsworthy!!

As for no claims, I wonder how many will be thinking about recovering deposits for holidays with the company.

As an aside I hear that Argentina are attempting to upset not only the UK by refusing entry of the P&O Adonia into their ports but are also taking on American companies as well. This could be interesting.

  Aitchbee 20:31 27 Feb 2012

This incident, would (probably) not have been reported if it was any other company.

The passengers will be somewhat inconvenienced, but hopefully all will be recompensed by Costa.

  morddwyd 20:43 27 Feb 2012

A ship with 1,000 people on board adrift without power in pirate infested waters, in a typhoon zone?

How can this possibly be more newsworthy that the latest girlfriend of some leading footballer

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