no backup cd's with new dell 9150 system

  FormatKing 13:22 23 Nov 2005

hi I've just bought a new dell 9150 and was very pleased until I noticed there are no back up cd's supplied
this means anything windows restore cannot resolve would entail a complete restore to original config
god only knows what you do if hard drive fails
is this legal or can I insist on backup cd's for software I've paid for

  jbp1982 13:29 23 Nov 2005

it's legal. My compaq came with no disks either, all on the partition. Try contacting dell. Compaq will supply me for extra cash.

  tarkus 13:47 23 Nov 2005

if you look in the packaging that came with your pc you will find a card with a picture of a cd in blue printed on this card on this is a link to the dell website which will tell you how to make up the required back up cd's. i have done this on the last 20 dell pc's i brought for the office, it's quiet easy and only takes 30mins max.

  FormatKing 14:02 23 Nov 2005

thks guys
found the blue cd directing to website
and will ahve a look at it
though I still think backup cd's should ship with sys
I like to have a clean install with just O/S and Drivers no probs then removing all the trial progs
but with Dell's system you'll always start off with all the rubbish you painstakingly got rid of
not to mention any other software you install later

  FormatKing 16:02 23 Nov 2005

I rang Dell and they have promisd a call back
so I went ahead and set up pc
on boot it displays
"Before using your computer please read the Dell End User Licence Agreement (Dell EULA)that came with your computer To comply with terms and conditions you must consider any cd or diskette set of Dell installed software as BACKUP copies of the software installed on computers hard-disk drive"
it then says if you dont agree call customer assistance or press any key to acept and continue
no Dell EULA came with pc unless its installed on pc in which case I cant read it to ageee without agreeing also this would seem to indicate that BACKUP cd's are included under Dell's T&C
has anyone managed to get BACKUP cd's from Dell

  sattman 16:38 23 Nov 2005

You should have all the recovery software available on your DELL 9150.

When you set up the system you should have a DELL PC recovery icon on the desktop. Open it up and it will give you all the information you require, you have three options for recovery.

1 Normal system restore
2 A integrated DELL Symantec system recovery.
3 Create system restore on CD which is basically windows XP

  sattman 16:41 23 Nov 2005

If for some reason you do not have this facility I am informed that DELL customer care will provide recovery disks on request

  FormatKing 11:59 24 Nov 2005

thks Sattman
as far as I can see there is facility to download & burn a restore cd
my point is I was not aware backup cd's would not be supplied and I believe if you buy the software your entitled to a physical copy of it
dell supplied a cd for MS works so why not the rest of progs
I suppose the lesson is get a written quote of exactly what is supplied then there can be no disappointments

  Smegs 12:31 24 Nov 2005

Our last two PC's have been from Dell, we get ALL CD's with the Pc's. That includes the Full Home XP Disk.

  fitcher 17:14 04 Dec 2005

I do agree with format king ,I conntacted dell because I have no recovery cd . say what you like about having a ghost partition ..thats no good to me when I want to pop a new larger disk into my computer or laptop .and if I went out now to be preppared and I bought a win xp ..I was told it could be out of date if I kept it for a long time before I used it .(correct me if wrong in this assumption , no they do not provide a back up facility from the start up menu now ...they did at one time ..

  FormatKing 19:30 04 Dec 2005

thks for all the feedback guys
I really thought there would be more of an outcry I guess that's why Dell feel they can get away with not supplying backup disks
will check post as resolved but if any of you feel as I do that backup disks should be supplied please post maybe Dell will take notice if enough people complain

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