hijo 11:19 05 Dec 2006

most of you would of heard of the new console by nintendo BUT not seen it,I DID last night as the place where i work got them in,so this is why iam letting you all know about it,as iam know there is a massive demand for them & some people will be unsure as to what they are or if there any good,if anyone wants to know more about them just reply to this post' ok
just thought this might help some of you

  keef66 16:21 05 Dec 2006

I'm interested. Where do you work?? Am I correct in thinking they go on sale on Saturday?

  [email protected] 17:44 05 Dec 2006

Me too, very interested.

  wolfie3000 18:29 05 Dec 2006

A friend of mine in holland has one also and he says its the best console out,
Although he hasnt played on any other lol.

  Joe R 18:56 05 Dec 2006

I have not seen one in the flesh, but, from what I have seen in videos, the Wii may be Nintendo's biggest product for a long number of years.

  Elkopop 19:39 05 Dec 2006

I'm under instructions to queue for one early this Friday before the store in UK opens, so any opinion you can pass on would be interesting, otherwise I might just decide to get a new video card for the PC instead with the money and tell the kids to stick with Age of Empires!!

  citadel 20:12 05 Dec 2006

I love the name.

  rodriguez 22:10 05 Dec 2006

There's a big launch party at the Gamestation store in New St in Birmingham. I think it starts at 10pm on Thursday Dec 7th, then the console is launched at midnight.

  hijo 23:05 05 Dec 2006

hi everyone well its smaller than u think in size & its amazing,its for all ages & ive never seen out like it,the consoles are launched on this saturday BUT theres a HUGE demand for them,i work for Argos but not on the shop floor so i see everything b4 it goes on sale,tis is going to make the PS2 seem like a ZX spectrum,theres loads that you can do with it & the biggest thing i think is that the REALISM is just amazing,sound comes from the joypad/white thing that looks like a remote control,so for example's sake if your playing a fighting game where its like lord of the rings you use the joystick like you would use a sword its fully infrared so you swing the joystick like u would use a weapon & the same goes for golf games ect you swing the joypad like its a club in your hand...!!! whereas other consoles in the past u just move a little knob or a kinda cursor this is very differant & for £180 (i doubt you will find it in a sale @ moment) its well worth the £££'s
i think tat due to the nature of how it is used or played it would teach younger kids more knowledge,i think it is a expensive xmas present BUT its a great family console that is far more realistic than any other console ive seen,anyway some of you might dissagree & others agree this is just my oppinion,but if you want one i would advice you to ring up & PRE-BOOK one asap...!!!
i hope this helps you all that are intrested..!!

  [email protected] 01:23 06 Dec 2006

Thank you for that, my minds made up although I have always believed that Nintendo has the best games, the N64 for example was greatly underated, the only gaming system with no loading times.

If the wii truly is that good and at £180 it's going to make the £300+ PS3 and Xboxes look well overpriced.

  mattyc_92 10:39 06 Dec 2006

Yes but alot (not all) of the N64 games were very poor quality
Take 'Superman 64' for example.... It is classed as the WORST game ever made

Having said this, if a friend gets a Nintendo Wii, I will be over their's in seconds to try the console out and compare it against my Xbox 360 (the Wii does seem the most 'universal' console that Nintendo has made for years)
I do think that the Wii may help Nintendo with the console 'fight' with Sony and Microsoft.
Sony seem to be laid back now (using their brand name to sell the PS3, instead of the price and gaming experience).

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