Nine gold medals so far

  Bingalau 16:40 29 Mar 2008

have been won by the Great Britain Cycling team at the World championships. am I the only one watching this? Still another day tomorrow to add to this haul. But there does not seem to be much of a hulla-balloo going on about it in the news bulletins. Why not?

  Clapton is God 16:47 29 Mar 2008

There doesn't seem to be many others pedalling the news about this. ;-)

  Earthsea 16:51 29 Mar 2008

Why not? Because it's a minority sport, although I've watched some of it and been amazed by our team's performance. Well done to them, and roll on Beijing!

I'm just about to watch The Boat Race now, which isn't something I usually do, but there's a chance one of them may sink which might be entertaining.

  Bingalau 16:57 29 Mar 2008

Earthsea. Now that is like watching the paint drying or the grass growing. Or even as bad as watching that Formula One motor racing?

  Cymro. 17:03 29 Mar 2008

I agree with what seems to be your sentiment Earthsea, just about the only way the boat race can offer any entertainment value would be if their boat sank.

As for some bike race, someone would have to fall of before it became worth watching.

Neither of them could be called a good spectators sport. The words paint and drying come to mind.

  sunny staines 17:12 29 Mar 2008

i thought it was ten. prefer to watch tour de france than track racing. Its a shame the uk cannot bring back the old milk race cycle event and have a uk tour like italy,spain & france.

  georgemac © 17:51 29 Mar 2008

I have been watching thus and really enjoying it, and admiring the achievements of our cyclists and the team.

Apparently we have the best equipment and coaches, and the athletes are fantastic, and the girl who has moved from Olympic Rowing Gold medallist to cycling world champion in 2 years is amazing.

Well done UK cycling.

  anskyber 18:18 29 Mar 2008

A tremendous achievement.

Cycling is my sport and of all the sports I have done it is the hardest by a long chalk.

Until the Manchester Velodrome was built we were good but not exceptional. Now 9 golds and the next team only 2. The organisation behind British Cycling is first rate and there are some lessons there for other mainstream sports.

  TopCat® 18:28 29 Mar 2008

here for these cycling events. Not everyone would like being 'saddled' with him every time though, I suspect. :o)

Seriously though, these so-called lesser world competition events should, in my humble opinion, be given fairer coverage by the media. After all, these young athlete cyclists are competing for Great Britain as well as for themselves, so I say let us and the media show due respect for their valiant efforts on our behalf. They well deserve it. TC.

  Bingalau 18:29 29 Mar 2008

I suggest all the people who think it is like watching paint dry, have a look at tomorrow's session. They could well change their minds. Even if Great Britain don't win any more medals. The races I have watched over the last couple of days have been very exciting.

  Kemistri 19:19 29 Mar 2008

I'd love to be up in Manchester in the stands, armed with my camera. Indoor track cycling is great to watch. The fact that GB produces many of the world's best track specialists is even better!

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