Nigerian Scam;how does it work?

  rickf 20:54 14 Jul 2009

I have an odd situation at the moment. I won an item on eBay for £318 from a seller in Honolulu. I pd him via Paypal. After discussing how best to send me the item, I then received a refund of siad money from the seller. An email then followed asking me to send the money to his personal email address under PP as the item was listed on his employers account and would cost him money to transfer the money from his employer's account to his personal a/c. I don't feel comfortable doing this as sending money to personal accounts does not associate the payment to the item won.Fishy???

  rickf 21:05 14 Jul 2009

Anyone? I have him emailing me now asking me to send the payment back to the original account, ie his employer's a/c after I pointed out to him that I didn't feel comfortable sending it to him to his personal a/c.

  octal 21:21 14 Jul 2009

I'm not sure if it is a scam, but my gut feeling is to be cautious, these people are getting better at extracting money out of you these days and I don't like giving them that chance, sorry, I'm not much help am I? Just be careful.

  lotvic 21:22 14 Jul 2009

I wouldn't do it.

For a start you lose any protection Ebay would give you.

Very dodgy, I would report to Ebay what he is trying to do.

it's a cert you would never receive the goods and can kiss your money goodbye, in my opinion.

  rickf 21:42 14 Jul 2009

Thanks guys, that is my gut reaction. It was the fact that I would lose eBay and PP protection which deterred me from doing his bidding. I just wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt being the nice guy that I am. As the money is now safe in my a/c I am going to tell him it's off and he can relist if he wants to. He could have stated this in the listing in the first place.

  AL47 21:55 14 Jul 2009

good call, you have to be so careful!

  rickf 22:10 14 Jul 2009

I am now waiting for abusive emails. Hope not though!!

  spuds 23:24 14 Jul 2009

Having made a succesful bid for the item could lead into a legal contract situation, which could involve a number of things including a dispute claim against you, and eBay/PayPal suspending your account and possibly retrieving monies from your account.

I would suggest that you contact eBay/PayPal and inform them of the situation, especially the fact that the seller is overseas, and now wants payment via another means.If the seller is using someone elses registered account, then that would make me more suspect as to any transaction.

There is a eBay proxy agent scheme, but this transaction doesn't seem to fit that scheme!.

One thing that can be said about eBay, is that they quickly pick-up on scams. I use eBay and PayPal daily, and only recently I received a warning message from eBay about a possible scam on an item that I was showing interested with. eBay suggested that I did not complete the purchase, but if I had, I would have still been protected by the eBay/PayPal protection plan, had I need to make a claim later.

  Si_L 23:36 14 Jul 2009

Are you sure the Paypal email regarding the refund is legit? And have you checked your Paypal account? Its no good just relying on an email.

  lotvic 23:44 14 Jul 2009

Good point Si_L
rickf check your account

  dagnammit 00:37 15 Jul 2009

Your first paragraph is nonsense.

The seller refunded the OP, he can report the seller as "non-selling". click here

I would also report him for trying to take the sale outside of ebay. click here

The seller has no ground here. Ensure you have your refund by directly logging into paypal and report this all to ebay post-haste.

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