Nick Clegg sells out

  Dragon_Heart 00:58 30 Sep 2010

Some are saying Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem's have 'sold out' on their election pledges for the sake of getting into power.

Checking back on their manifesto and what is occurring now it does appear that way but as we all know what is promised in the run up to an election is soon forgotten once they are in power whatever colour of rosette they wear. These are always accompanied by the same excuses, the world economic climate has changed etc etc

The point is, you may ask, is why bother to vote ? Well what would we have without those 600 odd sheep in the lower house ?

What promises would you renege on for the sake of a bit of power ( apart from the marriage vows )

  birdface 09:20 30 Sep 2010

Sold out as soon as he sided with the tory's at the Election.
A lot of labour voters voted for them as a protest to labour and they regret it now.
Whether it will work out for them or not I know not only time will tell.
I would imagine at the next General Election there amount of votes for them will drop considerably.
I have also noticed that any bad news to be delivered they always get Clegg to announce it and not David Cameron.
I wonder when the penny will drop and he gets Cameron to do his own dirty work or whatever you may call it.

  interzone55 09:21 30 Sep 2010

The fact of the matter is that the Lib Dems were the third party in the election. If they hadn't joined with the tories they wouldn't have had a cat of hell's chance of bringing any of their policies to fruition anyway, so just the prospect of a few of their policies being given an airing was enough incentive to prevent the mess that would have been a minority government...

  birdface 10:01 30 Sep 2010

Maybe so.
But is it going to make them more popular or are they going to loose a lot of the votes that they had at the last election.
It was their moment of fame.
But will it be their last.
I am just wondering when all the cutbacks and job loses etc start to click into place and the Tory's get less popular will they bring the Lib Dems popularity down with them.
It is all very intriguing and I wish I had a crystal ball just to see the outcome.
It is definitely the making or breaking of the Lib dems and only time will tell.
You can hide the truths by not answering directly and this goes for all party's.
All were asked about whether they would put VAT up and not one of them gave a direct answer.
We all new whoever got in it would have to be one of the first things that they did.
So why not just be honest and admit that they would need to increase it.
The Extra VAT starts in January and that is when things will start getting worse.
2.5% you say will not make that much of a difference but 2.5% on most things will and of course it will not affect those that are well off but hit the poorest the hardest.
Then the job loses start as we cut back on our spending the odd factory will close because of the lack of sales and that gets worse as the year goes on leading to more unemployment more factory's closing more houses getting repossessed because folk can no longer pay for there mortgages.
You don't believe me just wait and see.
And through all this the Tory's will become less popular and the Lib dems even less popular.
It is a sad old storey that has happened before and will happen again no matter who is in power.

  johndrew 10:15 30 Sep 2010

If you examine most election manifestos made by a party trying to get into power it is likely that either some promises are either not practical for various reasons or will be broken with no apparent explanation.

In this case I believe Clegg put the country in front of the party which must be the right thing to do at any time by any politician. As for the effects of the policies being enacted to recover the situation by the coalition, I can only hope they work - the pain is obviously to be felt by many. Whether any abandonment of promises will affect future opportunities for any party may well depend on where we are economically by the next election. People are far from detached in the current climate and (most) recognise that there is a need to get us back into the black - we can`t continue the way we were when the policy was spend, spend, spend.

  birdface 11:05 30 Sep 2010

[I believe Clegg put the country in front of the party]
You have to take your chances when they come as they might not get the chance again.
Throw all your beliefs out of the window and start again.
It may well work for him only time will tell.
All I can say is both party's are going to become very unpopular in the next five years so the chances of impressing voters will be at an all time low.
It will be how they get on at the next election that will make or break them.
like I said it would not matter which government was in power at the moment it's payback time and we will all suffer.
And as usual it will be the poorest that suffer the most.

  birdface 11:11 30 Sep 2010

Thanks fourm member your version sounds spot on.

  Woolwell 11:15 30 Sep 2010

This thread runs the risk of continuing the other political threads. I note that the OP asked "What promises would you renege on for the sake of a bit of power ( apart from the marriage vows)". Is this what was wanted?

  birdface 12:10 30 Sep 2010

So Nick Clegg will probably renege on most of them so that would answer that question.
If I made a promise I would keep it but I am not a politician and a promise from them is not worth the paper it is written on.
What powers would I renege on.None.

  DippyGirl 12:23 30 Sep 2010

Because people have died to allow you to. IMO everybody should exercise their democratic right - even if just spoiling their paper. I would prefer a "none of the above" option (but they would probably sweep to power)
I appreciate that it is also people's right not to vote - but am afraid I don't agree with that POV.
Apathy wont give us better politicians - quite the opposite.

  Strawballs 12:38 30 Sep 2010

If you want to know if a politition is lying just look to see if their lips are moving.

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