Is N.I on the brink of trouble

  Ungus 19:15 10 Sep 2015

With the Democratic Unionists walking out of Stormont has there rather infantile action consigned Ulster to a turbulent few years or will they come to there senses and re-engage in keeping power sharing on track.

  morddwyd 21:38 10 Sep 2015

I would not regard reacting to PIRA atrocities as an infantile act, but we each have our own views.

The trouble is that we mainlanders thought PIRA were finished. In fact they were just legitimized. The loyalists have gone along with the pretence of power sharing under increasing difficulties, and being forced to make increasing concessions,

  Quickbeam 06:45 11 Sep 2015

The full story.

Nothing is simple in NI.

  Forum Editor 12:50 11 Sep 2015

Morddwyd and Quickbeam


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