Is the NHS too powerful to criticise?.

  spuds 22:27 21 Dec 2013

What are your views, is the NHS far too powerful to criticise?.

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  Aitchbee 23:01 21 Dec 2013

No; if one speaks up at the point-of-contact with any NHS worker to whom one has been summoned, then, I have discovered that a serious shouting-match and a loud verbal confrontation usually pays dividends ... and if you have a serious health issue, which requires attention ... it will be dealt with toot-sweet..

  spuds 23:13 21 Dec 2013

"I have discovered that a serious shouting-match and a loud verbal confrontation usually pays dividends".

But is that the way forward, because basically what I understand, is that you are not getting what you expected in the first place, hence the confrontation?.

  Aitchbee 23:23 21 Dec 2013

spuds - I live in the real world and that [the stressing of one's health needs/problem - shouting from the roof] is necessary nowadays if one is to get anyway forward ... it doesn't pay to be shy if you want to get better.

  rdave13 23:32 21 Dec 2013

Aitchbee, wise words.

  Aitchbee 23:43 21 Dec 2013

rdave13 - learning curves et al, in general, take a while, to ... sink in. Thanks.

  Chegs ®™ 07:26 22 Dec 2013

The NHS along with the MHRA & other health bodies all refuse to acknowledge that recreational use of nicotine does NOT automatically mean your quitting smoking.I have emailed MP's/MEP's/Linda McAvan & Jeremy Hunt trying to get nicotine delivery systems removed from the Tobacco Products Directive being discussed in the EU behind closed doors.Linda McAvan has announced that these SMOKING devices will be regulated(unfortunately,their regulations will mean that they're useless as a device to wean smokers away from tobacco)despite umpteen medical professionals/various studies/and 1.5 million users of these nicotine delivery systems in the UK telling them they shouldn't be included in the TPD.The response from these government & health bodies is akin to "fingers in the ears & hum la la la la" The evidence they used to create their regulations was flawed and dated 3 or 4 years ago,the devices have advanced dramatically since then,the liquids used in their studies was from China and carried claims to cure erectile dysfunction/as a diet aid etc etc.The present regulations surrounding nicotine delivery systems only required a little tweaking to include an age restriction,not anything restricting the strength of the e-liquids or the size of cartridge.As soon as these new regulations become effective,I can see a huge black market in inferior nicotine supply appearing as the regulations state no stronger than 20 mg/ml and most of the ex-smokers I talk with say they switched from tobacco to e-liquids at 24 mg/ml or much higher.So Linda McAvan will have the deaths of 750,000 (approx)nicotine delivery system users who will be forced to return to smoking(and smoking is reckoned to kill 50% of its users)

  fourm member 09:30 22 Dec 2013

If even a small minority have Aitchbee's appalling approach to dealing with the NHS it's a wonder anyone wants to work there.

But, that aside, the piece wasn't about individuals. It was about the difficulty for politicians and managers to say anything for fear of being jumped on.

We have to start by acknowledging that any health service has a 100% failure rate. Once we do that we can stop trying to build a service where nobody ever dies.

  spuds 09:53 22 Dec 2013

And that is perhaps the point, when politician's or manager's have fear of speaking out. Yet the government is now stating very clearly, that no one should be afraid of speaking out, and safeguards are being put into place to prevent people living in fear, either as a employee or patient?.

Where I live there have been constant management changes within the trust running the hospital's, yet every new team appointed, as clearly stated that the bad previous management techniques will no longer apply, because they are the much better team.

Yet it soon gets very obvious that there are still obstacles due to poor management or hidden restrictions, or else these management teams are not telling the full stories, when they find disasters unfold?.

  bremner 10:15 22 Dec 2013

"a serious shouting-match and a loud verbal confrontation usually pays dividends"

That just about sums up much of what is wrong in our me me me society. If there was ever a way of not doing something that is it.

  fourm member 10:45 22 Dec 2013


we disagree on many topics so I've very glad to find I agree with you completely on this.

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