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Is the NHS now trying to recaim patient costs

  hssutton 20:12 10 Nov 2019

My 81year old wife has received a letter from the NHS informing her that she will be charged for her treatment unless she prooves her eligbiity for treatment along with a list of various charges. They also list wht is acceptable to proove her eligibility such as a passport, EU passport, bus pass or utility bill with her name on it or driving licence. My wife has none of these apart from an out of date passport. Has anyone else received such a demanding letter?

  Al94 21:06 10 Nov 2019

Long overdue!

  Blackhat 21:10 10 Nov 2019

Out of date passport should be OK. I have used mine for ID a few times since it expired.

  hssutton 21:14 10 Nov 2019

Blackhat. I have emailed a copy of the out of date passport, waiting to hear what they say.

  x13 21:34 10 Nov 2019

Surely a birth certificate should also be proof?

  hssutton 22:04 10 Nov 2019

x13. Birth certificate is not on the list, But actually that was not really the question. I was asking if anyone else had had a similar letter. I was always under the impression that a NI number was sufficient.

  john bunyan 22:07 10 Nov 2019


This is outrageous! I would get on to your MP immediately and even involve a local newspaper. How do these jobsworths think your wife has been treated before, or, presumably, getting a pension?

  Forum Editor 22:21 10 Nov 2019

I think a lot of people are getting these letters, and for obvious reasons.

It's annoying for your wife, but it would be even more annoying if she was told that there were no funds for her treatment because of the numbers of foreign visitors who come here specifically to milk our free health system.

  Dunk 07:39 11 Nov 2019

Don't worry, when we get the "strong Boris government" that it seems is the desire of the FE, we'll all be getting letters like that, when he sells our NHS to his pal Trump. God help us all when our doctors carry clipboards instead of stethoscopes and want to see a credit card before treating you.

Certainly won't be much joy getting old!! Maybe that's Cummings' plan after all.

  rickf 09:26 11 Nov 2019

God help us when the the first question asks on entering hospital is, "Details of your insurance, please?"

  hssutton 09:54 11 Nov 2019

FE "I think a lot of people are getting these letters, and for obvious reasons".

Actually I don't have a problem with this, so I agree with you. we need to stop this almost free to the world health service (slight exaggeration). Unfortunately my wife has very little required proof of who she is. All Utility bills are in my name, she has never had a bus pass, does not drive. Passport is years out of date. Of course she does have her own bank account and NHS number, but apparently these do not sufice.

However I've never heard of British subjects domiciled in the UK having received such letters also with a deadline of 4 weeks to reply or be charged for treatment.

Actually nothing really to do with the my question However Yesterdays Rememberance brings to mind my father in law who had just passed his 18th birthday as a soldier in the Horse Artillary when he was blown of his horse as he pulled a big gun into position on the Somme. Initially he was left for dead, but eventually pulled out of shell crater still alive but badly wounded. Obviously he survived, but a large part of his thigh was blown away. Strangely on his recovery he was still retained in the Horse Artillary right up to World War 11. Eventually working as a train driver. Apologies for any typo's ,but my hands are very arthritic.

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