The NHS is mediocre versus others

  john bunyan 08:59 26 Jun 2018

See BBC report


Having lived in other countries, this seems pretty accurate. The skills and staff are excellent but the results are average and could be improved. Discuss.

  Old Deuteronomy 09:50 26 Jun 2018

As long as inflation, rising demand and the cost of new treatments is not matched by increases in available funding, the situation with the NHS will only deteriorate, despite the best efforts of the staff.

  Cymro. 10:32 26 Jun 2018

Most NHS problems are down to not enough funding but even I as a lifelong supporter must admit that there are other things that can be done to improve things. No doubt that too much bureaucracy is sure to come up in some post or other as a suggestion. That may well be so but is the NHS all that much worse than any large organisation? Does anyone know what percentage of NHS staff are bureaucrats and how does that compare with other comparable organisations. If the only suggestion we have is too much bureaucracy then we have no chance to improve the situation.

  Forum Editor 11:15 26 Jun 2018

As a nation we don't seem to be prepared to pay for anything better. We do, however, seem to be intent on becoming a nation of lazy unhealthy fatties.

Those two factors combined do not bode well for the future. it's up to us, really, but as a third of us couldn't be bothered to get out of the Tattoo parlours and vote in the last General Election, what do you expect?

  Cymro. 11:31 26 Jun 2018

Yes very true F.E. I think the only way to see this problem is very much as a long term one. Perhaps we should all do more to live a healthy lifestyle save ourselves a lot of misery and the NHS a lot of money.

  Belatucadrus 11:32 26 Jun 2018

a nation of lazy unhealthy fatties.

Remembering that this is now classified as body shaming and almost as bad as racist hate speech. Morbidly obese blubber mountains forced to pootle about on mobility scooters as their knees have caved in under the weight are now Plus sized or Jolly.

  Govan1x 11:53 26 Jun 2018

One MP announced that would have to build a new City every year to house all of the emigrants that come here every year to stay.

And of course once residents they are entitled to all health benefits for them and their family.

Now since I was 15 years old I was paying national insurance and tax etc but those that come to the UK now only start paying once they have work and the maybe 40 to 60 years old.

I am not saying it is only down to emigrants but we have to admit the influx of immigrants into the uk does not help.

So we have to admit that there are more patients now than ever before and it is going to increase yearly.

So the Government has to accept that the problem is of their own making and should finance it properly without having to raise taxes from me you and the chap next door.

  wee eddie 12:02 26 Jun 2018

I am going to plead that my Asperger's Syndrome leads to a shortfall on the Empathy front. Prepare to be shocked

Many of the NHS's problems come from us Oldies. We block beds as we cannot be sent home or into overcrowded, underfunded, Care Accommodation.

Euthanasia is the answer.

We should be allowed to drop out of this Mortal Coil when we wish, and not have to risk a member of our Family going to Gaol while escorting us to Switzerland.

Of course, there need to be a set of Safeguards, to stop us being railroaded into it, but I can't believe that that would be so complex.

Should this be enacted and handled with sensitivity. I'm sure that at least 25% of the Care Home beds would be freed quite shortly and their turnover would be considerably swifter.

Not everyone would wish to take this option but I strongly believe that this option should be available.

  Govan1x 12:09 26 Jun 2018

Oops may have veered a bit of course with that last post.

I cant open click here's so I was assuming it was about hospitals.

  BT 17:28 26 Jun 2018

Someone I knew many years ago who had been a lifelong nurse said during a discussion about the NHS one day.

"The problem with the NHS is that its a Victim of its own success"

  Forum Editor 18:01 26 Jun 2018


"So the Government has to accept that the problem is of their own making and should finance it properly without having to raise taxes from me you and the chap next door."

And just where do you expect the government to get the money from, if not from taxation?

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