NHS hospital management by overseas firms

  john 52 08:29 04 Sep 2011

Not satisfied with putting foreign companies in charge of our utilities they now want to hand over management of our hospitals to oversea companies .

I think its pretty clear a free for all NHS does not figure in the plans of the Tory Party

NHS hospital management by overseas firms

  bremner 09:04 04 Sep 2011

Where does it say this will result in a change in the free for all NHS?

  morddwyd 09:18 04 Sep 2011

Why not?

Overseas companies have taken over much of everything else.

  octal 11:20 04 Sep 2011

Well, I work in the NHS, but not for the NHS anymore. I now work as a contractor doing exactly the same job as I was doing in the NHS but now more efficiently without all the bureaucratic nonsense, which is why I left the NHS.

The problem is probably the senior management at present don't seem to have the skills to run these large organisations, so I'm not surprised they have discussed other options like going overseas for the management skills.

I don't like it when contractors start taking over jobs in the NHS, least of all if they are discussing going to overseas management, but when the NHS are entrenched in "we always have done it that way" they need to change their business model and look at the outside world.

One last thing, medical consultants are not the best people to run the NHS, they seem to have far too much say in how things are run, that has got to change.

  Forum Editor 11:30 04 Sep 2011

The largest and most efficient heart surgery hospital in the world is in Bangalore. It has 1000 beds, and performs around 6000 heart operations a year - 50% of which were on children. Great Ormond Street childrens hospital in London performs around 600 such operations a year.

The Bangalore hospital makes a profit.

Jumping like frightened horses each time someone mentions foreign ownership of British hospitals (or UK businesses) is quite ridiculous, and is borne of an apparent desire by the British media to spread this silly 'the barbarians are at the gate' fear of any suggestion that foreign involvement is something to be avoided at all cost.

The truth, of course, is that some countries are streets ahead of us in many ways, and when it comes to medical expertise we can sometimes learn a great deal from them, if only we could get over our silly prejudices.

If I'm seriously ill, and need hospital care I couldn't care less who owns and/or operates the hospital, as long as I get good treatment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:00 04 Sep 2011

There is very little else for the the Government to "sell off" :0)

I agree entire with FE - if I'm ill I need treatment and relief as fast as possible and don't care how I get or where it comes from.

  spuds 13:13 04 Sep 2011

There is no doubt that something as to be done with the NHS in its present mould.

In the location that I live, the NHS Hospital Trust as attracted many alarming results, usually on overspends of projects and 'new improved' procedures. Over the past 9/10 years there have been complete changes at the top on about three occasions, and the new managements teams that are brought in seems to offer the same negative results, yet we the public are being informed that the new management teams have been selected on the previous performances, and things 'will' improve.

Yet they never seem to do. At present the Trust is running a over £1m a month overspend,and increasing and what as the management team come up with- increase vehicle parking charges, close wards, inform the staff that there might not be enough money to pay them, bringing in business consultants charging high fees and first class expenses!.

People have even provided charity collections for various 'essentials', only to be told that the money as not or will not now be used for the purpose. There is even a case of specialist equipment being obtained, and then the facility has had to be moth-balled, because there was no money in the kitty for staff to work this specialist equipment. Perhaps if and when any funding comes through, it might be then found that the equipment wants upgrading before usage, at a cost of thousands more?.

I appreciate that running an hospital complex is not an easy task, but I really wish that the people selected to run these institutions are really 'the best for the job', and not someone who will depart in a short period of time with a good 'golden handshake' for services rendered.

  spuds 13:20 04 Sep 2011

Talking about 'how and where' to get treatment. Was there not talk about using overseas facilities, if it was cheaper and better to do so?.

Whatever happened to that idea, there doesn't seem to be any mention of it nowadays, unless the public as taken it on their own initiative to seek help overseas, for a quicker and perhaps short cut solution?.

  octal 13:33 04 Sep 2011

And the worst of it is the senior management are never normally there more than three years at a time, so there is no consistency, plus they don't seem to be held accountable for their actions, they just float around from one Trust to another making the same mistakes.

As far as I can see, it's a political hot potato with everyone nibbling away at the edges instead of getting to the route of the problem which is strong leadership to make changes and has the foresight to understand the implication of their changes. So maybe it is time for someone to take a non-blinkered look, if that means brining in overseas senior management, then so be it, bring it on!

  octal 13:34 04 Sep 2011

brining = bringing

  sunnystaines 13:39 04 Sep 2011

just look at the hassle americans get with medicare over costs of treatmeants/medications and it makes our own NHS look so much better. I would be worried if any private company took over the nhs as it will all be cost over everything with the main priorty shareholders profits.

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