NHS dentistry

  Quickbeam 10:03 03 Sep 2008

Has it really come to this? click here A traveling circus of high-tech dentist tents along side the tinker's pot menders, peg sellers and fortune tellers...

  birdface 10:46 03 Sep 2008

Well at least they are trying to help.More than they do in this great country of ours.I have had some treatment from butchers or should I say dentists in the past which put me right off going to dentists.But if you have toothache you have to go back.I found that you had 3 different classes of dentists.The ones that really care and are helpful.The ones that give you an insufficient jag to freeze your gums and try and pull your teeth out when you can still feel it.[Time is money to them].And the N/health one that start up just out of training school and don't have a great idea as to what they are doing.It is a bit like any other profession i suppose you get the good and you get the bad.In the UK you are lucky if you can get anyone.In a tent is better than no treatment at all.

  spuds 12:02 03 Sep 2008

Seems a very good idea, but what happens if and when you might need aftercare or treatment!.

I have just posted a UK Dentist thread click here asking about update on the UK situation.

  birdface 13:22 04 Sep 2008

Maybe my last post was a bit harsh.I was just relating to problems that I have had in the past.I am glad that none of you had to go through what I had to.I am sure dentists To-day have better equipment and probably easier methods of extracting teeth.Saying that I had to get one extracted about 6 years ago and when the dentist went to freeze my gums he put the needle right through the side of my tongue and into my gum.Not even a sorry.I am sure that there are loads of folk who have had no problems with their dentists.I am probably one of the unlucky one's.

  carver 14:33 04 Sep 2008

I am very lucky to have a very good dentist, not only is he good at his job but he is also brilliant with the kids.

He takes his time and never rushes or gets annoyed with them, taking time to explain just how and what he is going to do.

My biggest concern is that he is nearing retirement and the other 2 dentists in the practice are phasing out NHS patients by refusing to take any more on, the reason being that under the new system they can't treat people properly and give them the time needed to do a thorough job.

Maybe my family will be in a group one day waiting to be treated in a tent.

  johndrew 15:33 04 Sep 2008

We have been unable to get NHS dental treatment for over ten years. Each time a new surgery opens the queues are miles long and many people are disappointed. As a result, we have given up trying and found a good private practice. Reasonable prices, good service and it takes away the worry of "what if ...". I suppose you could say it is another back door to privatisation and we are aiding and abetting it, but what else is an option? Fly to Poland as some do?

  lofty29 19:40 04 Sep 2008

I can honestly say the we are very lucky, we have a first class nhs dentist, he is a greek, the only dentist who has never made me feel pain, the surgery keeps bringing in european dentists and nearly always has vacancies for new patients

  Chegs ®™ 22:09 04 Sep 2008

Here in west cumbria we have very little NHS dentists with open places on their books.If I require treatment,I have to travel at least 70 miles.We did have a Polish woman set up a NHS practice intown,but she went back to Poland recently.

  Quickbeam 12:52 16 Sep 2008

to the supermarket click here will the nectar points be accepted for payment...?

  spuds 14:24 16 Sep 2008

Reading in a newspaper report yesterday, I see that the £100.000.00 a year dentist salary is heading this way.

  version8 16:16 16 Sep 2008

My dentist still sees a few NHS patients, but this will stop in 2009.
So what happened to the great vision on the NHS then?

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