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Next version of Windows will be called....

  powerless 01:40 14 Oct 2008
  amonra 15:47 14 Oct 2008

I'll wait till they bring it out, wait for the gurus to give it a thumbs up or thumbs down, then wait for SP2, then learn to use Linux !

  Forum Editor 16:09 14 Oct 2008

to see who can post the most negative comment about something that nobody has even seen yet.

"More people will migrate to Linux" gets my personal award in the 'I've got nothing constructive to say, so I'll say whatever comes into my head' category.

1. The software isn't even in beta yet, so nobody outside Microsoft really has much of an idea about it, even if they pretend that they do.

2. Between the first beta and the shrink-wrap there can be literally hundreds of changes.

3. According to Gartner research Vista has reached the point where it has outsold Windows XP at the same point in its life-cycle. When XP was at this stage of its life there were endless complaints about security issues, and when XP SP1 was released there was a storm of protest from people who said it broke some of their software applications - people tend to have short memories when it comes to making comparisons.

3. Everyone can choose to ignore Windows 7 for at least the next year, by which time there'll possibly be a public beta of Windows 7, and almost everyone will be saying how stable Vista is, and how they think they'll be sticking with it.

4. Nobody on earth is compelled to use an operating system they don't like, or to buy anything from a software company they don't like.

I find Vista a tad irritating in some respects, and so do lots of other people. Microsoft knows about it, and the Vista developers are working on some fixes. All in all it's the best version of Windows ever as far as my personal experience is concerned, and I'm under no obligation to say so whatever. I use it because it works perfectly for me, and for the way I run my working life. I thought the same thing about XP when it launched and lots of forum members were saying 'over my dead body'. Those same people undoubtedly went on to use XP, and lots of the 'never will it be on my computer' people will go on to use Vista.

  Forum Editor 16:53 14 Oct 2008

I'm not sure how an attack could ever be 'nice', and I certainly haven't attacked anyone - I simply commented on what has been said, and I'm as entitled as anyone to do so. If I think something is rubbish I'll say so, and surely it's for the person responsible to defend it,rather than for you to take up the cudgels on his or her account?

Predictions aren't irrelevant, they're predictions, and time tells whether they're accurate or otherwise.

If everyone wanted some other operating system on their new computers they would get it - the people who make computers aren't in business on Microsoft's account, they're running their own show, and they would very rapidly respond to market demands, I assure you. Vista is installed on new computers because it's stable on the hardware and software configuration at the factory gates. It's also the platform for which new applications are primarily being developed, and computer makers are like everyone else, they want an easy life.

Your original comment was eminently sensible, and I haven't said otherwise.

  Condom 17:37 14 Oct 2008

Guess who's after a big Xmas bonus from Microsoft. :(

  mrwoowoo 19:56 14 Oct 2008

I am an avid gamer who was quite happy with xp.
When i bought a new pc,which came with Vista i was worried about how my games would run.I can safely say that i have had very little trouble with any games,even ones that arn't supposed to be compatable.
I don't think i would spend money on upgading a pc for gaming though,just to go to Vista due to the higher system requirements to do so.
A new pc with a 3.0GHZ quad core CPU and 4 GB of ram with a decent graphics card,then that's a different matter.

  Forum Editor 22:37 14 Oct 2008

"Guess who's after a big Xmas bonus from Microsoft."

I invite you to enlighten us all, but I have a sneaking feeling that you won't have the courage to do so.

  Quickbeam 06:49 15 Oct 2008

Probably like most people, that don't race out to have the 'new improved' version first, I'll update when new software or hardware that I buy will no longer work on the old system.

For that reason alone I'm still on XP...

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