the next version of Windows...

  Simsy 09:50 30 Aug 2008

is, it seems, currently referred to as "Windows 7"...

Now maybe I'm missing something, but given the following sequence;

Win 3
Win 4 (Windows 95)
Win 5 (Windows 98)
Win 6 (Win Me)
Win 7 (WinXP)
Win 8 (Win Vista)

Shouldn't it be "Windows 9" ?

What am I missing??



  anskyber 09:57 30 Aug 2008

Probably the fact that in reality not all new labels necessarily represent new versions. Some could arguably have been called service packs.

W7 will for example be Vista in almost service pack form by all accounts and certainly will be based on the Vista architecture.

  spuds 11:36 30 Aug 2008

Whatever happened to the fancy names, like Long Horn etc!.

Millennium Edition as a name, took a lot of beating ;o)

  dermot-titus 12:46 30 Aug 2008

Windows 3 or 3.1 was the successor to dos, wasn't it? Or was it to OS2???????

So it is really the first windows. Or windows 1.

That would give you Vista as windows 6.

And the next incarnation as windows 7. If it is a good as windows 6 groan..............

  bremner 12:51 30 Aug 2008

You are incorrect.

Windows was the graphical interface that sat on top of DOS.

Windows 1 was launched in 1985 click here

I think that in Microsoft land Windows 95, 98 and ME were all versions of Windows 4.

XP = 5, Vista =6 and therefore the next version =7.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:55 30 Aug 2008

windows 3.1 (and earlier) wasnt an operating system as most people would accept the term (I think) but rather a program that ran in dos itself. Not that it affects the numbering that is in question here.


  Forum Editor 13:02 30 Aug 2008

Windows 7 is simply the codename that Microsoft allocated to the project.

  Simsy 13:14 30 Aug 2008

just curious as to why. If It's working title was a name, as previously I wouldn't have queried it.

What bremner says makes sense.

Thanks all,



  pj123 15:42 30 Aug 2008

Why do we need a "next version of Windows"?

If the version you have now is working well and doing everything you want it to why change?

I have been using Win XP with SP2 for quite a while now. I have never updated it.

So far it has never caused me any problems.

  crosstrainer 15:47 30 Aug 2008

Why do we need a "next version of Windows"?

We don't. It's called progress, aka profit, aka (some might say) blatant profiteering.

  crosstrainer 15:56 30 Aug 2008

We could go and live in China I guess :))

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