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Is the next Tory leader guaranteed to be PM?

  Quickbeam 08:53 22 Jul 2019

Possibly not, according to this.

"When the winner of the contest goes to the Palace on Wednesday, the Queen will ask whether they have the confidence of parliament and can command a majority in the Commons."

We've never before been so aware of Parliamentary procedure as we are in this age. We are indeed living in extraordinarily interesting times...

  rickf 09:21 22 Jul 2019

Unfortunately, the Queen will as a matter of convention confirm the next leader as PM. But as you say, there is that option. Million dollar question is will she use it? I think not.

  Quickbeam 09:41 22 Jul 2019

Blagging the question might not work again with blunderbuss Boris. From the same link...

"The closest precedent for this was Alec Douglas-Home, who was recommended to the Queen as his successor in 1963, and was given a chance to see if he could form a government before being confirmed in post."

It's well known that the Queen was 'most displeased' with May's time wasting delay in forming the present government. When it gets out that the Queen was 'most displeased', you can bet your life that she was livid at being left hanging embarrassingly on hold while May was rushing around like a headless chicken trying to buy the DUP's favour!

Once bitten, twice shy could well be the precedent, as used previously, considering that the government minority is even less now than it was in 2017...

I seem to recall that the reason given was some crap about a shortage of goat vellum or the ink not drying fast enough. Those excuses were in the same vein as 'The dog ate my homework Sir...'!

  Quickbeam 10:02 22 Jul 2019

And with more ministers resigning by the hour, it's not looking like a good time to blag it with the Queen...

  Quickbeam 11:53 22 Jul 2019

....and now a Tory MP is charged with sexual offences!

You couldn't make this drama up.

  john bunyan 16:25 22 Jul 2019

We are in the worst political mess I can recall. The centre ground is increasingly deserted with hard line Brexiteers likely to be in the most senior cabinet posts. Only the fact that Corbyn , Mc Donnell and other true Marxists are the main opposition might save the Government for a while. However if Johnson thinks he can force through a no deal Brexit, he may prove to have the shortest run of any PM. A few thousand xenophobic folk will have elected a clever Buffoon, without the rest of us having a say. A swing to a Lib Dem hung Parliament may ensue, with , who knows, a new referendum, and so on ad infinitum. It ain’t over yet, and we are becoming a laughing stock.

  Forum Editor 23:01 22 Jul 2019

"we are becoming a laughing stock."

A sense of perspective is always a good thing. We are certainly in a state of political turmoil, but lots of countries have been in similar situations, and as time passes the memory fades. Think back to the 1920s and the return to the gold standard.We had political turmoil then, alright. Hunger marches, Strikes, rampant unemployment, a naval base mutinied, investors panicking and moving their capital out of Britain. Things got very bad indeed, and by 1931 we had to abandon the gold standard.

For some time now, France has been referred to as 'the sick man of Europe', and Germany's political party instability has allowed the far right to gain ground.

Political turmoil is everywhere, if you have eyes to see.

  john bunyan 07:59 23 Jul 2019


What concerns me in this country is that , for me, there are no people of stature or “Big Beasts” in any of our current political parties in the U.K.

Looking back, even in adversity, we had Churchill, Healy, Thatcher, , even Blair and Brown. All had many faults of course, but the only folk I see around at the moment might be Yvette Cooper or Rory Stewart. A mess , and it is sad to see a great country with no clear, admirable, leaders in any of the major parties.

  john bunyan 13:21 23 Jul 2019

How long before Sturgeon presses for ( this time probably yes) Indy 2?

I try to be optimistic but with this person being elected I find it very difficult.

  wee eddie 13:53 23 Jul 2019

The time is not to prejudge Boris's Premiership.

Let's just wait and see

Judge him on what he achieves, or fails to achieve, but there will be little reason to make that decision overnight

  oresome 14:31 23 Jul 2019

"What concerns me in this country is that , for me, there are no people of stature"

The media is so intrusive these days that I expect few would wish to subject themselves and their family to such scrutiny which limits the pool of talented people who enter public life to saints or those with a very thick hide.

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