Next time a tile blows off your roof in a gale

  Forum Editor 12:41 12 Oct 2013

count yourself lucky that you don't have this to contend with.It's difficult to imagine the terror that a storm of this magnitude must cause as it bears down on your village/town/city.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:10 12 Oct 2013

We are indeed fortunate that storms of that magnitude don't have a habit of arriving on our shores.

  onthelimit1 15:18 12 Oct 2013

Having experienced a cyclone in Bangladesh some years ago which killed hundreds of thousands of people (yes really), I'm just glad I live in a placid part of the world.

  Blackhat 16:32 12 Oct 2013

I know a bit about being in a storm.

1.I live in Kings Heath, Birmingham which had one of the uk's worst city based tornado's a few years ago, suffered a loss of garden fence and minor out house damage, video link

2.Got married in St Lucia, 2 days before wedding we had hurricane Marilyn Sattelite image over St Lucia A few fatalities, lost some buildings and a beach washed away.

3.Wedding day we had a tornado which went across resort then out to sea, just 5 minutes after our ceremony finished Turned into a water spout

4.Same holiday, went on a sunset cruise, weather went downhill fast, found ourselves out at sea in a tropical storm, very lucky to get back without csualties.

5.Out jogging, passed by a shop that got struck by lightening, was knocked over, digital watch totaly zapped, had tingles for a few hours.

Just a side note, during the hurricane (our wedding/honeymoon holiday) we were confined to our brick bungalo for 14 hours, power went down, back up generators failed due to flooding, there was not a lot to do. We agreed that had we concieved the child, boy or girl, would be named Marilyn.

  Forum Editor 16:41 12 Oct 2013

*"hundreds of thousands of people (yes really)"

In 1876 a cyclone killed an estimated 200,000 people, but that was a bit before our time. Only one recorded cyclone has ever killed more people.

In November 1970 a severe tropical cyclone created devastation along the entire coast of Bangladesh, killing an estimated half million people and a million cattle. That had a maximum wind speed of 222kph and a storm surge of 10.6 metres.

The storm that we're discussing is likely to have higher wind speeds (up to 296kph) but a smaller storm surge of 3 metres.

  Forum Editor 16:43 12 Oct 2013


So, you were on honeymoon, confined in a bungalow for 14 hours, and there was 'not a lot to do'????

  Blackhat 16:58 12 Oct 2013


Well yes, there was certain activities in which we could indulge but 14 hours is probably a bit beyond most couples endurance.

  Forum Editor 17:04 12 Oct 2013


Really, so I'm in a minority then?

  rdave13 17:18 12 Oct 2013


  Blackhat 17:31 12 Oct 2013

Follow up, despite concerted efforts there never was a little Marilyn.

We can however say that our marriage got off to a stormy start. Still happily married 18 years on.

  Aitchbee 18:49 12 Oct 2013

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