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The next PCA milestone nears

  TOPCAT® 16:12 25 Sep 2004

149,066 at the last check. As I may miss the 150,000th registration because of my enforced absence, may I prematurely congratulate PCA on its achievement and all its members for their foresight in joining us. ;o) TC.

  Forum Editor 18:25 25 Sep 2004

long before we reach 150,000 TC, but thanks for the kind words anyway.

  kev.Ifty 21:21 25 Sep 2004


It is very impressive !

I wonder, though, how many still visit and how many are multiple identities for the same person.

Is there any chance FE might be able to give us some statistics. When he has some {spare} time........;~)

Best wishes to you all


  Forum Editor 16:21 26 Sep 2004

for reasons of their own. I many cases we know that people like to post under different usernames. Why they do this isn't always clear, and of course we have ways of knowing when the same person registers another name.

In the main however the number of registered users is pretty accurate, although just because a person is registered it doesn't mean that he/she visits the forum regularly - many people only use the site when they have a problem, and once it's been resolved they don't come back for a long while. Many others login regularly but never post - they simply read the threads and logout again.

Over the years we've removed people from the registered database for various reasons. Sometimes it's been at their own request and sometimes because they've misbehaved in some way. The total number of people removed in this way is very small when compared to the total registration figure however.

We have lots of members who live abroad, and I can see people logging in from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Eire, Canada and both North and South America, as well as from all parts of the UK and mainland Europe. All in all we're an internationally-known forum, although the bulk of our members live in the UK.

  kev.Ifty 21:42 26 Sep 2004

Many thanks.


  TOPCAT® 18:06 06 Oct 2004

Your guess is possibly correct - 149,975 as I post this! TC.

  watchful 18:10 06 Oct 2004

I think you'll be spot on - there will be five more registered by tomorrow I'm sure.

TOPCAT® Hope all is well. Regards to you both.

  Forum Editor 18:13 06 Oct 2004

to re-register. We'll get there without that.

  watchful 18:44 06 Oct 2004

That should have read 25 new members.

  Al94 21:28 06 Oct 2004

two to go!

  Al94 21:29 06 Oct 2004

back to 4!!??

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