Next generation speed camera trialled

  TopCat® 00:15 20 Apr 2010

in the Westcountry and London.

'The new spy cameras combine number plate reading technology with a global positioning satellite receiver, enabling them to measure average speeds over long distance....'

The UK surveillance statistics mentioned in this story make sober reading. TC.

click here

  Quickbeam 05:06 20 Apr 2010

The days of 'safety?' speed cameras are coming to an end.

This prototype speed reduction system, currently being trialled in Germany, is the future for the reduction of inappropriate speed on the roadsclick here

  Noldi 06:20 20 Apr 2010

Will these cameras be about safety or just making money???. I can understand this on some stretches of road but not nationwide.


  KremmenUK 06:55 20 Apr 2010

I've gone through the days where I used to zoom about everywhere.

I now take it easy, follow the limits and arrive quite fresh.

I see some horrendous driving and speeds that I consider totally inappropriate for the road/vicinity/conditions.

Anything to cut the maniacs speed is welcome by me.

  morddwyd 07:06 20 Apr 2010

"Will these cameras be about safety or just making money???"

My understanding is that these cameras, like all others, will be about catching law-breaking drivers.

Is that such a bad thing?

  Quickbeam 08:58 20 Apr 2010

The technology of accurate GPS controlled limiters, fitted in cars as an EU requirement, is getting nearer. As I've foretold for a few years on here. We'll see it in our driving lifetimes.

  Quickbeam 09:54 20 Apr 2010

It's just 1984 arriving, a little later than foretold by Orwell.

  spuds 10:11 20 Apr 2010

Are the national and local government having a re-think about speed cameras, especially if they are proving to be a money spinner instead of a safety device in the reductions of deaths, as were originally intended?.

Our local council were given a rather large wad of public money a few years ago, so as to trial overhead road toll devices. This experiment ran for about six/twelve months, with councillor's and council staff being the chosen guinea pigs.The final reports or feedbacks never did (and possibly never will) reach the public domain.

So are the new generation speed cameras, just another way of revenue chasing, future safety, security and protection of our nation, or just another link to Orwell's theory and perhaps reckoning!.

  Grey Goo 13:46 20 Apr 2010

Have to get a James Bond rotating plate or a false set of Gordon Brown's Limo plates.

  Strawballs 18:45 20 Apr 2010

Anything based on GPS may not be very accurate my daughters sat nav quite regularly warns she is speeding while doing 40mph in a 40mph limit it says it is only 30mph limit

  TopCat® 19:57 20 Apr 2010

I don't drive on long journeys these days but if I did I would consider getting a licence to fly-drive one of these beauties - click here

Then again, I doubt such a mode of transport would ever be allowed in this country! :o) TC.

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