The next election... with PR?

  Quickbeam 06:21 07 May 2010

Yes, the one in about six months time.

Will there be time to introduce PR seeing as we're now no longer a two party country, and the first past the post has finally showed what a complete failure it is for the 21st century voter?

It would all seem to be how much toadying the LibDems can suffer while propping up Brown until the inevitable confidence vote.

If I was Nick Clegg, I would say PR now, the first debate with full Labour support on the agenda, or no deal Gordo, refuse to support any minority government at all.

At the risk of another election within weeks, there would be nothing to lose as the half promises of electoral reform that have been reneged on for almost a century will never get anywhere without a rigid stance on forcing the PR debate now.

All or nothing... dare he do it?

  Quickbeam 06:43 07 May 2010

"And the second is that Brown will be PM."
Who is to say he can't be? All night they have been telling us that the constitution requires Brown to be asked by the Queen to form a government. From what I can gather he is the only one that can be asked unless he voluntarily steps down, which going by the tone of the talk he has been giving all night, he isn't intending to do.

  Þ² 08:55 07 May 2010

"Who is to say he can't be?"

He did if his word is worth any salt he'll resign like he said.

  morddwyd 09:14 07 May 2010

"there's no guarantee that the Lib Dems will support Labour at all"

As we saw with the last coalition in Scotland, in order to have some power the Lib Dems will get into bed with Labour without any misgivings (and if you think that coalition was formed without any influence from the Westminster Lib Dems you're very naive).

In any event, the Lib Dems have a lot more in common with Labour than with the Tories, other than a leader who looks like a car salesman.

  birdface 10:00 07 May 2010

there's no guarantee that the Lib Dems will support Labour at all.
What would happen if the Lib Dems actually backed the Tory's.
As it is at the moment no party can rule or if they do so will last a very short time.
Now if the Lib Dems actually backed the Tory's the Tory's would be in power for the next 5 years.
I cannot see it happening so to me it looks like another general Election very shortly and maybe with 2 different party Candidates and probably the first one to change their Candidate will probably win as none of the Two of them are very popular.
I would also like to see a ruling that any questions asked to any Pm or Mp should be answered truthfully and not go round the question without answering it.
All party's were asked will you put up Vat.
None of them gave a direct answer.
Surely just to come out and say we cannot rule it out but it will only be done as a last resort would at least be truthful answer.

  johndrew 10:12 07 May 2010

More importantly, do you remember what happened when we last had coalition government?

  peter99co 10:48 07 May 2010

click here

In my area 60% turned out to return a Labour candidate and less than 46% voted for him.

  peter99co 10:57 07 May 2010

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg says he sticks to his view that the party with most votes and seats - the Conservatives - should seek to form a government.

  Quickbeam 11:31 07 May 2010

Followed by number 10 saying that they want to talk to Clegg after all the votes are counted, with the suggested promise of electoral reform...

Some dodgy horses will be in the sales this weekend.

  Quickbeam 12:43 07 May 2010

I think that provided whichever of the big 2 govern, and with the restraint of having to consider the other parties stands, this isn't as disastrous as all the hung parliament = doom & gloomsters would have us believe.

This is turning out to be a very interesting weekend for me that hasn't voted since '97.

  spuds 16:12 07 May 2010

Considering over the past 3 years our local council have had 3 different coalitions of three major party's trying to run the city. Then on the results of that alone, the country is now doomed. Constant arguments, someone wanting to be the major leader or chair-person, different policies (even though they appeared to agree on some issues at the time) have all taken there toll on the voting electorate.

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