Newspspers and web spark 'feeding frenzy'...

  Seth Haniel 13:53 04 Nov 2008

Clarkson's joke, made before the watershed, has now sparked 517 complaints.
But a BBC spokesman said that by Monday morning - before the incident had been reported on by newspapers and websites - there had been 188 complaints.
Sunday's programme, which aired on BBC Two at 2000 GMT, was watched by around seven million viewers.
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a load more of 'wise after the event' sheeple.

  newman35 14:04 04 Nov 2008

Didn't watch (never would) but I defend Clarkson's right to make an utter idiotic fool of himself, and wish him even more success in this admirable aspiration.

  johndrew 14:17 04 Nov 2008

`admirable` ????????????? or perhaps `nonsensical` ???

  newman35 14:20 04 Nov 2008

No, I felt 'admirable' was better, the bigger fool he aspires to be, the more likely he and the programme might be removed - now THAT would be an admirable outcome!

  Jim Thing 15:16 04 Nov 2008

"...the bigger fool he aspires to be, the more likely he and the programme might be removed..."

Sadly, the opposite seems to be the case.

  Seth Haniel 15:38 04 Nov 2008

is ushering in the 'Nanny State'

Progress !!!!!!!!!!!

I think Not

  The Brigadier 15:50 04 Nov 2008

Surely people dont take Top Gear seriously do they?

  Clapton is God 16:19 04 Nov 2008

I'm amazed that people still watch Top Gear.

  johndrew 16:30 04 Nov 2008

`I'm amazed that people still watch Top Gear.`

Perhaps they don`t; I know I don`t. However those in the programme still seem to attain publicity by their stupidity and silly stunts.

  lofty29 16:32 04 Nov 2008

I always thought that lorry drivers had skins like elephants.

  interzone55 16:43 04 Nov 2008

Sunday's Top Gear had 7m live viewers, the Wednesday repeat usually adds about 1/2m more, and the (very) regular repeats on Dave garner anything up to 1m viewers a time.

Then add the 350m viewers in the many countries it's exported to, and the millions of viewers of the country specific versions in Australia, Russia , US and India.

Top Gear is one of the most successful, and lucrative, BBC programs ever.

So yes, people still watch Top Gear.

I watch it, not for the advice on cars, because it never covers cars in my price range (reasonably priced), but because it's one of the funniest programs on TV these days, and for it's refreshing lack of political correctness - something we should all celebrate...

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