NewsFlash - Identification longshot/Talking Points

  Brumas 16:39 19 Oct 2007

As you are probably aware my wife collects old picture postcards. Amongst her huge collection there are lots of unidentifiable ones and I took it upon myself to sort them out and, some day, eventually identify them, giving the ’old grey cells’ a work out in the process.
Working on the principle that ‘two heads are better then one’ I started my “Identification longshot/Talking Point” threads which has given me pleasure and, I hope many others?

Getting to the point – my wife takes Picture Postcard Monthly which she reads from cover to cover, I myself find it a little too specialised so I just dip into it now and then when there is something of interest to me.
They have a section on their inside back page which is pretty much the same as my thread in that they publish unidentified p.p.c’s and ask readers if they can identify them ( who mentioned plagiarism?)

To my great delight I recognised ‘The old Horse Wash – Victoria Pier, Hull’ as being the identity of one of them. I contacted the Editor and was told I was the first person to do so and, should I be correct, I would be rewarded with a small prize. I was so chuffed in winning that I chose the PPC biro to remind me that my powers of observation – now honed to razor sharp precision – are improving as the height of the pile of postcards is fluctuating!

Just thought I would share this with you folks but no, I shall not be giving prizes for any future identifications :o)

  SANTOS7 16:47 19 Oct 2007

I think the photo's are "Top Banana" matey so keep them comin....

  Brumas 16:47 19 Oct 2007

A thought - I only hope my memory lasts longer than the 'quality' pen!

  Bingalau 16:50 19 Oct 2007

Brumas. What is a PPC Biro? "Pukka Personal Computer Biro" maybe? Congratulations on winning.

  Brumas 16:53 19 Oct 2007

Thanks for the encouragement - I shall be posting a right Stinker later on!!

  Brumas 16:54 19 Oct 2007

Sorry, Picture Postcard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:55 19 Oct 2007

Keep them comming, livens up a Friday night on the Forum.


  TopCat® 17:42 19 Oct 2007

I contacted J. Salmon Ltd on the 15th about item 34 (is it?) that is still unresolved. I haven't yet had a response but imagine any archive they have would be massive. Hopefully they will kindly shed some light on it eventually. If not, then at least I tried. TC.

  Brumas 17:58 19 Oct 2007

Thank you for taking such trouble, I and the rest of the forum will be more then interested in any information you should receive.

  Bingalau 19:25 19 Oct 2007

That will not make much difference then, will it? They are all stinkers to me.

  Legolas 20:33 19 Oct 2007

I never get any but I enjoy trying when is tonight's coming?

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