Newscorp Withdraws Bid For BSB

  Crosstrainer2 17:02 13 Jul 2011

....2 minutes ago radio five.....!

  Crosstrainer2 17:09 13 Jul 2011

....But I'm willing to bet he will be back, if he lives long enough. Maybe 18 months, after the police and the public enquiry are completed.

As for Ms R. brooks....There is an old saying: "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"

She (IMO) probably has plenty to say...!

  birdface 17:20 13 Jul 2011

It would be hard to believe that he did not know what was going on in the News of the World and if they find out he did know will he be prosecuted along with the rest of his staff.

Or would he escape prosecution because he is not from the UK.

The buck stops with him as he is in charge and is overall responsible for what some members of his staff have done.

  morddwyd 17:25 13 Jul 2011

This came up on the NoW thread two hours ago, and I answered it there, but for what it's worth -

"No doubt the withdrawal of the bid will be generally seen as a good thing, but............?

I do have a niggling little doubt, like a bit of indigestion, about a government interfering in an independent (even if morally corrupt) press. Perhaps I saw too much of where it led during the 20th century.

I also cannot help feeling, silly I know, that after the press made great play with the MPs' expenses, this is the MPs getting their own back!"

  Crosstrainer2 17:53 13 Jul 2011


....Certainly food for thought.

  birdface 18:14 13 Jul 2011

I just wonder what would happen if The US found out that the same was happening over there.

I don't think that they would be so lenient as our government with regards to entering and removing documents from any building before evidence could be destroyed.

They would usually go for the ringleaders first and would not give them 24 hours notice that they were going to be arrested unlike the UK.

I am glad that they have withdrawn their bid for Sky BSB and maybe withdraw the rest of their newspapers from the Uk would be even better.

I think what they have done is appalling and could not have been done without the authority of the owners.

I also read that as they are not UK citizens they do not need to appear in front of the committee that is being set up to question everyone concerned with the phone tapping.

I think that they should be made to appear.

  Crosstrainer2 18:40 13 Jul 2011

These practices are nothing new. Technology has enabled them to run riot, with the "Cosying Up" of politicians eager to "Have the Editors Ear"

When these practices are revealed in the USA, I predict that R. Murdoch is finished...I dont think he will be able to run any UK based operation, and I envisage lawsuits a plenty....On both sides of the pond.

Where to now for the press?......The WWW.

  ams4127 22:34 13 Jul 2011

I would like to see all newspapers in this country, owned by Murdoch, closed down.

In my opinion there are too many daily papers here and that has lead to intense competition which, in turn, has meant papers having to resort to ever more desperate measures in an attempt to garner sales.

I readily admit that this would lead to a lot of unemployment but feel that, in the long term, it might lead to more responsible reporting.

  Forum Editor 22:50 13 Jul 2011

"In my opinion there are too many daily papers here and that has lead to intense competition....."

Intense competition is precisely what we want.

  spuds 00:48 14 Jul 2011

When we talk about intense competition, we need to look at most local papers and see how they are run, and who owns them. At once up on a time (many years ago), most local newspapers were perhaps local family owned, and truly reported local events in the form of the editorship and possibly owners requirements, and local needs.

Nowadays perhaps not so. In my hometown, there use to be three local newspapers in competition of each other. Eventually one company bought out the other two. Over the years that once family business as been sold a number of times, and now belongs to one of the very large international groups. Local news as become very sparse, mainly due to reduced local support staff. Most of the material published is via agency sources, and the printing presses are now miles away. Those same printing presses are producing daily newspapers for other local areas.

  zzzz999 06:21 14 Jul 2011

Tactically, if I were Murdoch, I would start to salt the ground with stories that BskyB may have to relook at its TV deal with the Premiership - losing all of this business, blah blah, reduced deal, etc.

That should get enough Premiership Chairmen and women vexed to create a wee stooshie.

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