New York agrees WTC 9/11 dust payout

  Seth Haniel 08:17 12 Mar 2010

New York City officials have agreed to pay up to $657.5m (£437m) to thousands of rescue and clean-up workers at the Ground Zero site of the 9/11 attacks.

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At least 95% of the plaintiffs must approve the deal for it to take effect.

The BBC's Adam Brookes, in Washington, says the agreement means that the long-running legal battle spawned by the 9/11 attacks may now be drawing to a close.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:12 12 Mar 2010

'with the legal bill so far running to more than $200m'...raised more than a wry smile, every cloud has a silver lining.


  Forum Editor 17:48 12 Mar 2010

was working in an office at the top of a building a few hundred yards from the twin towers on the day of the collapse, and she says they were still cleaning the offices two weeks later - the dust was unbelievable.

  zzzz999 07:37 13 Mar 2010

how the blazes is the city of New York responsible for that dust being there

  Forum Editor 07:54 13 Mar 2010

The city is not responsible for the dust being there- but a lot of people feel it's responsible for the fact that thousands of people were expected to work in horrific conditions to clean up the mess.

  feb 13:13 13 Mar 2010

I see a market for dust free bricks!

  Forum Editor 13:22 13 Mar 2010

The towers were built mainly from concrete and steel - the dust came from the concrete and other materials used in construction.

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