A New Year smile for you

  Graham* 16:05 01 Jan 2013
  Quickbeam 16:44 01 Jan 2013

Well I suppose that he's still as entitled to have his burglary investigated as much as the rest of us do.

  tullie 19:07 01 Jan 2013

And there are some that say the drug is harmless!

  rickf 19:34 01 Jan 2013

Ha ha!!

  john bunyan 21:21 01 Jan 2013

fm. Maybe true but at the moment is is illegal so the guy who had it stolen sounds as if he was smoking it when he reported the theft.

  kad60 06:38 02 Jan 2013

Proof positive that the drug is harmful to ones mental faculties,why else would he report his gear stolen.!?

  Brumas 09:20 02 Jan 2013

Obviously he was 'grassed up' ;o}

  kad60 11:06 02 Jan 2013

fm, true,my comment was 'tongue in cheek' but on a serious note i do know of a few people who smoke constantly,who find themselves incapable of work, and suffer varying degrees of paranoia,in one instance so badly that i chose to walk away.A harsh attitude ,some may say,but my sanity was more important than his 'insanity' and constant denial of the causal nature of his ailment.

  Quickbeam 11:46 02 Jan 2013

They should have disguised it in an aspidistra pot for such an open location.

  Aitchbee 12:03 02 Jan 2013

I get an instant natural 'high' when I look out [thru' the SQUARE window] to my verandah, which is teeming with potted plants, no kiddin', (after a sherry or three!).

  Aitchbee 15:35 02 Jan 2013

... nobody (had) better nick 'em!

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