New year, new copyright protection law.

  Forum Editor 23:42 02 Jan 2010

The new law came into effect in France on 1st January. It means that illegal downloaders now face a fine and/or having their internet access suspended if they ignore warning letters.

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  mrwoowoo 01:24 03 Jan 2010

I think they have got this new law spot on.
People who shoplift only get a caution along with other more serious crimes, so this will work the same way.
It would be a bit unfair if illegal downloaders where punished straight away, when other criminals get let off with a warning.
I'm sure there are people who download illegal files who have never committed any other crimes and actually don't see it as such. A warning letter is a good way of awakening them to the seriousness of it without going overboard.
And if they ignore the warnings, which i'm sure most won't, then more fool them.

  Quickbeam 07:58 03 Jan 2010

I wonder if that clergy chappie that thought that shoplifting was OK if you can't afford food, thinks the same about the poor downloading free films to watch on their 152" plasma TVs...?

  Input Overload 08:05 03 Jan 2010

I was just about to post that, FE you stole my thunder. :-)

It's pretty fair after all you don't get warnings about going through a speed camera, anyone who carries on after the first warning has to have some major problems.

  Chegs ®™ 09:54 03 Jan 2010

"The law has many opponents, who say either that it is too draconian..."

I did chuckle on reading this line.Opponents think that a letter telling them to quit stealing is draconian?

Is this French law applicable here or will we have to wait for a similar law being passed?

  Forum Editor 11:26 03 Jan 2010

No, but it's being lauded (by the French government) as a model for the rest of Europe, and indeed for the world.

  Strawballs 22:59 03 Jan 2010

I to think they have got it spot on some people really don't realise when their kids say we need limewire, a friend of mine was like this untill he asked me to sort out the problems he was having and as soon as I saw limewire on his machine I told him that is where most of your problems stem from and explained what they were doing was illegal. He uninstalled it and monitored it after that.

People like that would then take note of a letter and as said before "more fool them if they don't"

  donki 16:18 04 Jan 2010

It is a huge problem and how it is ever going to be policed and monitored is beyond me. A total of 10 million torrents are being downloaded daily from one site alone. Torrents are increadably useful for downloading large files quickly I use a lot of them for software and game patches. How exactly to ISP distinguish what is copyrighted media and what isn't?

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