New Year greetings 2018 to all.

  rdave13 00:19 01 Jan 2018

  Brumas 08:12 01 Jan 2018

Not so happy here, no hot water and central heating!!! Called gas engineer and as , Fran is disabled, he will strive to get here this morning.

Anyway, Happy New Year old pal.

  john bunyan 09:01 01 Jan 2018


And all Forum members - your clever heading says it all.


Hope you get reconnected. Welcome here if you don’t mind driving a few hundred miles! At worst book in to local Premier Inn! Seriously, hope all is fixed soon and thanks to you and Fran for puzzles in the past and to come.

  morddwyd 09:19 01 Jan 2018

A guid New Year to all.

  Forum Editor 09:52 01 Jan 2018

Happy new year, everyone.

  Brumas 10:51 01 Jan 2018

I am no longer a Brass Monkey, gas fitter just left after fixing the pump - what would we do without British Gas Homecare?

Thanks john bunyan, the invitation was appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:33 01 Jan 2018

Happy New Year!

  Aitchbee 11:50 01 Jan 2018

All The Best and Lang may your Lum Reek !

  Ventad 12:36 01 Jan 2018

Happy New Year Everybody

  wee eddie 13:21 01 Jan 2018

Happy New Year to all and sundry!

  rdave13 14:30 01 Jan 2018

Glad you're sorted Brumas .

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