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New Very Annoying Tech Advisor Video

  HondaMan 19:36 22 Jan 2020

Does anyone else get this annoying intrusion. Can we stop it? It seems to by-pass Ghostery and all other blockers, Ad-Block

  x13 20:32 22 Jan 2020

Look for AdGuard AdBlocker.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:37 22 Jan 2020
  Govan1x 06:55 23 Jan 2020

Must admit i do not get that one but i do get. We care about your privacy.

We use cookies to improve site performance, for analytics and to show you content and advertising that is relevant to you. You can change your consent choices at any time by updating your privacy settings.

Now if I accept it it works fine on that page but if i turn to a different post it pops up again. So no matter what i do I get it. So frustrating that i cant use Firefox anymore and have to use Chrome. I use ad guard and ghostery. How do you stop that annoying pop up Firefox.

  Pine Man 08:22 23 Jan 2020

Same as Fruit Bat - uBlock Origin. No ads at all.

  x13 08:54 23 Jan 2020

@ Govan1x . Check in Firefox that 'send notifications' is blocked under the lock icon on the address bar. Might just be that setting.

  Gordon Freeman 09:32 23 Jan 2020

Just to chip in; I'm using Opera on PC, & see ads/vids at all. I guess it must have ad blockers built in. The only thing I've added to Opera is the 'I don't care about cookies' add-in.

Might be worth some of you trying it, especially if you're having problems.

  Govan1x 09:53 23 Jan 2020

Sorry for gatecrashing your post HondaMan. Just to add that Fruit Bat /\0/\'s selection worked still get the privacy pop up but can go to other threads without it appearing again so that was a bonus.

Then tried x13 selection and it did not show under the lock but went into settings and blocked notifications and i don#t get the privacy pop up anymore. Hope it stays that way.

Thanks everyone for their suggestions.

  Gordon Freeman 10:25 23 Jan 2020

Also, not seeing anything in Firefox, although with that, I do have 4 ad blockers plus the don't care about cookies add-in.

  alanrwood 11:11 23 Jan 2020

I also use Opera and Ublock Origin and can block them all BUT I can't post a reply unless I disable Ublock. It is the Java function that needs blocking.

  Gordon Freeman 11:46 23 Jan 2020

alanrwood - that's interesting because I don't have any additional ad blockers on Opera, not as far as I know anyway. I'm using it in its default mode. Currently using 'optimal' vpn setting too. Could the Ublock origin be messing with the Opera default settings so you're needing to disable it to post?

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