A new vampire for Halloween perhaps!

  Cymro. 13:30 01 Nov 2011

BBC News sight

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend has urged Apple's iTunes to use its power to help new bands instead of "bleeding" artists like a "digital vampire". So do you see Apple and it`s Itunes product as some sort of vampire?

  gengiscant 13:38 01 Nov 2011

I have never bought a tune from itunes but I have bought a lot of apps, particularly now that I have an Ipad 2. When it was just the ipod touch I was a bit miffed when most apps jumped from 59p to 69p around a 17% rise. I thought that was a bit greedy and I noticed that I did not buy as many.

  interzone55 15:02 01 Nov 2011

I've never bought a track from iTunes, I prefer to buy the CD and rip the tracks I want for my MP3 player.

I least I know that way the artist is getting a reasonable royalty.

But this situation isn't new. In the 80's many artists didn't receive a penny in royalties from CD sales, either because the record companies had only listed vinyl and cassette sales in their contracts, or because the record company was keeping hold of the royalties to "pay for the development of the CD format" which is rubbish unless you happened to be signed to Philips or Sony.

I seem to remember that this is one of the main reasons The Stone Roses left Silvertone records, and Silvertone are still milking that particular cash cow by regularly releasing new versions of the 4 singles and one album the Roses recorded for the label...

  Aitchbee 15:25 01 Nov 2011

I've got many cassette recordings of 'The John Peel Show' from the 1970's. Like alan14, I have converted them to mp3 format...just for my own enjoyment! Peel's comments between tracks are downbeat hilarious.You can't buy them on the internet.

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