New update caught me out -ands I said i would not

  jack 17:42 21 Aug 2008

On fireing up just now- the New updats are reasy sign came up
So I clicked and got as they say you can.

Later I got Software update icon the the bottom task bat.
Clicked it got on,
Then SP3 loading came up
And I had said tomy self some time ago - dont bother- if it running OK leave it out.
Now it is
Oh well so far no blue sparks, so finger crossed huh!


  wee eddie 18:47 21 Aug 2008

We've (almost)all been running SP3 for quite a while now. Your tardiness in installing it may have left you open to the possibility (I know unlikely) of assorted attacks.

  Pine Man 18:48 21 Aug 2008

Did you read this before posting?

  Pine Man 18:49 21 Aug 2008

Must be me cause wee eddie understood it:-(

  lotvic 23:37 21 Aug 2008

I also have only just got the SP3 on my updates (notify me) list.
I clicked to download it but nothing seems to have happened yet.

  peter99co 23:40 21 Aug 2008

The tension is unbearable!

  laurie53 09:10 22 Aug 2008

I've not yet been offered SP3 with my updates.

Like peter99co says, the tension is really getting to me!

  GRIDD 09:44 22 Aug 2008

You're doing okay. I hsve Dell machines and Vista keeps offering me an nvidia updates for the graphics I allowed it on one machine and got lots of blue screens. It keeps tellin me it's there but I don't want. Beyond windows I will only do driver/firmware updates from dell support.

  jack 10:52 22 Aug 2008

to the normal working -so breathe out and get on.
Pine man - obviously I did not read before sending- this typing with that bandaged up thumb in the air
[Last weeks click here] well that my excuse.
OK on startr up - No icone just background and message saying setting up personal settings for IE6
Dont use that but never mind - then the normal screens and a flurrty of cant find this or that's.
Ignore and continue to them all.
All seems OK now.

  Pine Man 11:31 22 Aug 2008

My apologies - hope your thumb gets better very soon :-))

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