New Telephone Scam

  crosstrainer 15:31 16 Oct 2009

Beware! Just had a call from the usual International number withheld style of sales call, but with a sinister difference.

I answered the call, and a recorded voice informed me that the interest rates on my Credit cards is due to rise tomorrow.

"Press six to speak to an advisor" was the next message....Knowing it was scam time, I pressed six to see what would happen.....Low and behold, they ask for your Credit card details.

I know, most here won't fall for this type of thing, and your card issuer will always inform you in writing of any change in charges, but some could fall for it.

They knew exactly which cards I hold, and named them.

  tein 15:56 16 Oct 2009

Thankx CrossTrainer!! scumbags aint they!

  crosstrainer 16:01 16 Oct 2009

Yep, it gets worse every day. We just have to keep on top of it.

It's the elderly and vulnerable who suffer most from this kind of thing.

  setecio 16:11 16 Oct 2009

How did they know which cards you had ?

  crosstrainer 16:17 16 Oct 2009

That's the sinister bit...I informed my bank, but I suspect they have got hold of a database from somewhere.

It's not hard to find out what credit cards a person holds, and they obviously do not have the numbers...Bank seemed unconcerned as long as numbers were not provided.

  setecio 16:41 16 Oct 2009

You wonder how that info gets out there as I'm sure your credit card company are not legally able to divulge that you have one of their cards, unless you have given them that permission.

  octal 17:55 16 Oct 2009

It's not too difficult to find out what cards someone has, it's printed at the bottom of every receipt.

  ronalddonald 20:08 16 Oct 2009

i thought the last 4 digits of the card are printed on receipts.

  SB23 20:09 16 Oct 2009

My wife and I have been answering these calls for months.
We get on average about 3 or 4 a day, then there'll be a break then it starts again. We even now recognise the pause upon answering before the recording starts, at that point we hang up. If it wasn't for the fact that our number is changing next Saturday when we move I would speak to BT.
The calls vary from credit charges to the cards themselves or the payment protection charges. We even had one telling us about bankruptcy, and morgage payments.
Whatever info is out there about myself and my wife isn't all correct, we rent our property, and have no store or credit cards.

  realist 20:22 16 Oct 2009

On the rare occasions I bother to answer those wretched "out of area" nuisance calls I give them a blast from my sound effects library: "26 month old girl - unhappy in cot (early morning)" is I hope a very unwelcoming sound; if not there's always "telephone - constant ring" to entertain them with.

  setecio 21:14 16 Oct 2009

Tech sound effects of a number trace along with some voices in the background to go with it ('15 seconds will have them ... Tokyo, Rome, London ... yea almost got them now ...') would be good.

Does BT & Virgin not offer a service to block these calls ?

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