New speed camera.

  canarieslover 16:41 02 Feb 2011

Just as we learn that the majority of cameras are not working out comes a new one. Of particular interest to me as I often use the stretch of road where they are being introduced.
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  BT 17:12 02 Feb 2011

They were in use on the M11 during road widening work in 2005.

  carver 17:25 02 Feb 2011

We are told that these things are supposed to make the roads safer and all they have done in some places is to actually increase the amount of accidents.

Where speed cameras have been taken out of use there has not been any increase in accidents, in Swindon there has been fewer accidents since they switched theirs off.

They do not work in reducing accidents all they are is a way of generating income, with these new ones they might even invade your rights to privacy.

  Chegs ®™ 17:57 02 Feb 2011

Simplez,just don't speed & you'll never need worry about a camera.

  octal 18:38 02 Feb 2011

I don't mind the average speed cameras at all. It means I can set the cruse control which allows me to concentrate on the road instead of taking my eyes off the road to check my speed every few seconds.

By the way, have you noticed the number of drivers who are obviously going faster than they should and slow down as they pass the average speed camera, so people just don't seemed to get what average speed means.

  shellship 19:01 02 Feb 2011

Had them on the A1 through the Leeming roadworks for the last 12 months!

  interzone55 09:25 03 Feb 2011

Interesting how journalists still insist on referring to intelligence in the cameras, suggesting it's the camera that tracks the car, maybe they hop from post to post, or run along the side of the road?

ANPR cameras, be they radar, Gatso or these new average speed cameras are simply fancy cameras with infra red lights, they take a black & white image of the camera's number plate, using OCR software to convert this to ASCII text that's stored in a database along with the exact time the car was photographed.

The software knows the exact location of each camera, so it is easy to calculate the speed of a car based on the time it passed each camera.

I can see how the log, which will be kept for a fair period of time, will be of use to the likes of MI5 to track the movements of certain people they're interested in...

  Quickbeam 10:16 03 Feb 2011

Isn't it just simpler to fit every car with satellite speed tracking and relay the results directly to room 101 for actioning?

  Scillonia 10:33 03 Feb 2011

They have been in use on the A14 for sometime and from my experience things have improved

  WhiteTruckMan 11:00 03 Feb 2011

is the intrusive nature of the increasing number of cameras that seem to appear with no announcements etc.

Has anyone tried to count the number of cameras on the 'managed motorway' section of the M6 in the midlands? Why do they need observation cameras on poles (all painted grey) every 100 yards or so, for mile after mile after mile?

Bear in mind that these are roads that you can't turn off onto a side road between cameras!


  Chris the Ancient 11:15 03 Feb 2011

Those grey cameras are just so that the Highways Agency can keep an eye on the traffic conditions/hold ups etc. and monitor the situation.

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