New Snow Warning

  ulrich 19:34 04 Jan 2010

In the S/East. So beware. Hopefully it's the right sort. I live in Hertfordshire, and the potholes seem to be improving with the cold.

  Forum Editor 19:42 04 Jan 2010

I drove from London to Hitchin via the Codicote road today. It's a regular trip, and you're right about potholes - many of them have been beautifully filled by compacted snow and ice.

The problem is, the longer it stays very cold the worse the damage will be, come thaw time.

  Quiller. 20:44 04 Jan 2010

car exhaust pipes bend at the end and point down at the road. Instant de-freezers ;-)

  Quickbeam 20:47 04 Jan 2010

If roads were fitted with under-road freezing elements, there would never be a pot hole problem again...

  Input Overload 21:16 04 Jan 2010

Dick Tattor, mine does, though I don't know why.

  Input Overload 21:21 04 Jan 2010

although there has been a fair amount of snow here on the edge of the Pennines, it's been lovely with the bright sunshine. I was thinking I haven't seen the countryside around my home look so nice as today. I much prefer it to the dark milder days we had in early December even with the road difficulties etc.

  MAJ 21:52 04 Jan 2010

It only lasts for a few weeks of the year, and what a beautiful site it can be. Even though I'm from N.Ireland I know and love some of the Pennine areas, I can only imagine how well they're looking right now.

  MAJ 22:41 04 Jan 2010


  Input Overload 00:42 05 Jan 2010

I've just got in & it's snowing again, there is a weather warning out & being a bit out in the sticks hopefully I might be snowed in tomorrow. (Better than driving to Birmingham)

It's worth remembering that birds need lots of calories in this weather & with the demise of songbirds in the UK fatballs and nuts help out feathered friends. You can get them off Ebay at really cheap prices.

  Input Overload 00:50 05 Jan 2010

BTW I was told not to put out fatballs in the nylon netting they come in as it seems birds can get entangled in it. They should I was told to be put in a cage thingimabob that holds 4 or 5.

  Chegs ®™ 09:23 05 Jan 2010

I had a delivery to the North East from the North West,having heard that the A66 was closed I set off to travel via the A69 and ignored the satnav as it was determined I had to cross to the A66 (my drop off point was Stockton,a couple minutes from the eastern end of the A66) The radio has been stolen from the truck I was driving so once underway,I had no means of hearing any further road information.Due to a mix up with the paperwork,I didn't start the return home until after 6pm and my satnav battery expired(cigarette socket isn't working either)I had to find my own way so decided the A66 would likely be reopened by now(it was)especially as around Darlington there seemed to be little snow on the roads.All was fine until I reached Brough where the road was narrowed by the snow and visibility was restricted by fog so much I was seriously considering turning round & heading back NE to try & return over the A69.With the snow on the ground and the fog,I was really struggling to see the road markings so travelled about 10 miles at under 20mph.Despite the really crap conditions,scores of vehicles overtook me by driving on the snow/slush and one even skidded sideways as it drew alongside.Utter madness! I think I would prefer to arrive late and alive rather than not at all.

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