New smoking age law - will this work?

  Marko797 09:56 01 Oct 2007

Apparently this is coming into force today. Yet another law that will be a waste of time?

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  interzone55 09:58 01 Oct 2007

This law only applies to the sale of tobacco products, the minimum legal age for smoking remains at 16, which just strikes me as ludicous.

How you have a product that you can legally consume, but not buy? Why did they not increase the legal smoking age to 18 at the same time?

  Marko797 10:17 01 Oct 2007

It probably amounts to the same thing, alan14. Like u say, if u can't buy them, then how can u consume them?

  Bingalau 10:20 01 Oct 2007

Who is going to control Cigarette/tobacco vending machines?

  cycoze 10:38 01 Oct 2007

Where have all the under 16`s cigarettes and tobacco come from up until now ?

Raise both the age you can buy and smoke or dont bother, but oops too late, the money has already been spent on it.

  Marko797 10:38 01 Oct 2007

Good pt Bingalau. Although I think these are mainly in pubs, aren't they?

  tullie 10:44 01 Oct 2007

Do our Government rally think that under 18s wont be able to buy cigs? Unfortunatly they are not in the real world.

  spuds 11:08 01 Oct 2007

Still won't stop the kid's from getting their supplies.

One of our local 'open all hours' shopkeeper as had enough, and is now thinking of closing the family business down. One major problem for him and his family is asking kid's their age and requesting them to produce an 'over 18' identification card. Threats and knocking things off the shelves seem to be the response.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:05 01 Oct 2007

Utterly stupid law.


  Cymro. 12:05 01 Oct 2007

The poor independent shopkeeper.

Are these small shopkeepers that you worry so much about the once who have always sold cigarettes to under age children as well as such things as fireworks and alcohol.

  interzone55 12:10 01 Oct 2007

Cigarette vending machines are on their way out, should be banned by this time next year according to a talking head on TV this morning

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