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new to smart phone, help?

  rickf 18:27 07 Mar 2012

I have just taken up a contract on my first smart phone. Comes with free 100mb internet usage. I don't have any idea as to whether this amount is sufficient for checking my emails and replying to them. I get about 20 a day. I DON'T intend to surf the net with the phone as 100mb is miniscule for that. Just using it for email access. Thanks for any help or experience you have with this amount of usage. I know that this may well be an impossible question to answer but would appreciate any response.

  rickf 20:25 07 Mar 2012

hi, many thanks for the info to date. looks like a possibility for me then. shall set up to connect to the net and play it by ear. i just don't want to have to pay extra each month and playing on the sfae side. It's probaly sufficient for me by the looks of it as in actuallity I only need to use it to access emails on 3 days a wk as rest of the time i work from home.

  morddwyd 21:46 07 Mar 2012

If you really get stuck on your 3 days a week away from home you could always get a cup of coffee in McDonald's (free wifi)!

  Picklefactory 21:51 07 Mar 2012

Depending on which make you have, and if it can handle apps of some format, there are plenty of free apps to install on your device that can monitor your internet data usage, so you can keep a detailed track of your usage. IPhones, Android devices and, I think, Nokia, all have forms of apps.

I have 500Mb limit and never get anywhere near it. For example, this month I have used 21MB. I do some surfing, have a few apps that use internet connectivity and do some minor emailing, but take advantage of wifi wherever I can. I am averaging only 31MB per month.

  rickf 11:21 08 Mar 2012

Really interesting feedbacks for me, a new user of smartphones. Keep them coming. I'll use wifi as much as possible but does'nt that count as using up bandwidth? Confused!! Will also download app for info on usage as I have an Android phone.

  Toneman 09:26 09 Mar 2012

What qualifies as a smartphone? I can surf the Internet on my ageing Nokia 6288 but it's so slow I only do it for BBC news or an occasional Google...

  rickf 12:39 09 Mar 2012

All good stuff for me learning from others' experience. Keep them coming. Thanks from a newbie to smartphones.

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