New site playing up again?

  onthelimit1 11:31 09 May 2011

All of a sudden I can't post an answer - just get 'please wait'.

Anyone else who's suffered found a solution?

  spuds 11:40 09 May 2011

Its Monday so probably doing some maintenance tweaking.

I have noticed that I keep getting logged-out though?.

  onthelimit1 11:44 09 May 2011

Hmm, dod'y get logged out. Will see if this answer works!

  onthelimit1 11:45 09 May 2011

Works! Could still do with an edit function to correct dreadful spelling after posting!!

  onthelimit1 11:48 09 May 2011

Thanks spider - I'll try that if it happens again.

  onthelimit1 12:07 09 May 2011

Oh? I missed that. It was one of the functions promised for the new look. I can live without it, but find it handy on other forums I frequent. Must make sure I re-read properly before posting!

  woodchip 12:32 09 May 2011

Its been okay hear for a change, using Lappy while I made a Pan off stew

  onthelimit1 13:04 09 May 2011

OK Spider, thanks.

  michaelw 15:26 12 May 2011

...I seem to remember that FE felt that allowing posts to be altered later might let alterations change the meanings, thus ensuring a never ending stream of arguing along the lines of "You said that, before you altered it later"...

That's a bit of a non-argument really. In keeping with most other forums there could be a timer on the edit function to say 5 or ten minutes. I think it's to do with something else.

  Forum Editor 17:23 12 May 2011


"That's a bit of a non-argument really"

Actually, it's the right answer. Unlike lots of other forums, discussions in this one can move at a very fast pace. If we had a five-minute edit delay it would give rise to no end of problems, as people responded to something that was said in a post, only to see it changed, almost as soon as they posted.

It's the reason we don't have an edit facility, and it's the reason we're not going to have one. We've tried to help by providing the preview panel underneath the text entry box - it shows you exactly how your post will look when it's online.

  Condom 22:43 12 May 2011

I 've had a few waiting signs today so I gave up for a while and it seems to have corrected itself.

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