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  Clapton is God 11:38 10 Apr 2011

Having logged in to the new site yesterday and simply closed my browser when I'd finished I'm rather surprised to find that I'm still logged in today.

With the 'old' site, closing my browser meant I was automatically logged out.

Why the change (which I don't like)?

  bremner 12:38 10 Apr 2011

There used to be a tick box for staying logged in. I guess you did not have this ticked.

That now seems to have gone and everyone is automatically kept logged in unless you clear your cookies.

  birdface 12:41 10 Apr 2011

Just log out when you are finished.

  Clapton is God 12:46 10 Apr 2011

And another thing ......

It seems that I now receive an e-mail whenever someone replies to my threads.

There used to be an option to opt out of that. Where is that option in the new site?

And, whilst I'm on the subject - the new site is painfully slow - probably not helped by so many members now being PERMANENTLY logged in.

  Forum Editor 13:06 10 Apr 2011

"the new site is painfully slow"

Really? That's not my experience - it's zipping along on my machines.

We're dealing with the email thing.

I suggest you take a look at the other threads about the site - you'll probably find we've already covered the ground.

  Clapton is God 13:21 10 Apr 2011


"the new site is painfully slow. Really?"

Yes, really. I wouldn't have made the comment if that wasn't my experience. You haven't addressed the point I make about members being permanently (and unnecessarily) logged in.

  sunnystaines 13:59 10 Apr 2011

the new site is very fast, just hard to connect its oops errors on chrome and ie9 only ff4 does not get the error

  Forum Editor 14:21 10 Apr 2011

"I wouldn't have made the comment if that wasn't my experience."

I appreciate that, but I was giving you my experience. The site runs fast on all my machines, and - so far - I have no reports of slow running from anyone else.

We're getting error messages, but that's down to teething problems, and will be resolved as soon as possible.

The login situation is also something we'll address very soon. Large numbers of people like being logged in automatically, but I appreciate that others - including you -don't. You're not "permanently logged in" of course, Your browser does it automatically each time you come to the site

  SimpleSimon1 17:13 10 Apr 2011

Nice and zippy on IE8 and FF3.6 so no complaints, there

  rdave13 18:20 10 Apr 2011

Clapton is God

If you are using IE9 and Tracking Protection then try disabling the sites in the list. Restart IE and this site runs a lot faster.

  Owl (@[email protected]) 18:45 10 Apr 2011

"And, whilst I'm on the subject - the new site is painfully slow -"

Zipping along here on internet explorere and firefox. Except for the few error pages it has been very good the last couple of days.

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