New service for the police

  JanetO 11:47 28 Jan 2008

We have had some problems with graffiti in our area and the police caught a few of the culprits a while back.

We just had a knock on the door and a friendly sergeant told us a contractor is painting over the graffiti on our and neighbours' garage doors and the surrounding area.

How about that for service?

  wiz-king 12:04 28 Jan 2008

Would be better if they made the 'artists' repaint the doors.

  spuds 12:53 28 Jan 2008

But who is footing the final bill. I doubt if those responsible or their legal guardians will!.

In our area, the 8 to 14 year old graffiti artists have got bored. They now have a new hobby, throwing bricks at passing vehicles. But nothing to worry about, the council and the police know who the culprits are, and they are trying to 'educate' the offenders and their guardians.

  Totally-braindead 16:30 28 Jan 2008

I agree with wiz-king, make those responsible for the damage do the work. And give them small brushes so it takes them longer to do it.
Too many people are not made to take responsability for their actions and as far as I am concerned if you damage something through vandalism its only fair that you should be made to repair it.

  JanetO 17:03 28 Jan 2008

My mistake, it was done by people doing Community service, supervised by the police.

They've done a good job, too.

At a time when the public's perception of the police as being less community friendly, this is most timely. I think the police have had a bad press lately. They've certainly gone up in my estimations.

  birdface 17:58 28 Jan 2008

They would be better out catching criminals and muggers than standing watching paint dry.As far as far as I know it is not actually the policeman's job to supervise people doing community service.When was the last time you went out for a walk after dark,Its not even safe in daylight.I think the Police do a great job,But unfortunately there are not enough of them.Let them do what they do best ,Catch Criminals.Leave the rest for someone else to do.

  Forum Editor 17:58 28 Jan 2008


  Quiller. 18:18 28 Jan 2008

in my estimation also, for doing this.

This is policing of old, where they would stand over you and make you fix anything you have damaged. Then take you home and made sure your dad had a go at you.

Lets hope it goes nationwide.

  zzzz999 20:47 28 Jan 2008

do you think the police would pick up a some shopping for me

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