New Scam to Me - feel free to scoff

  fourm member 10:58 15 Sep 2014

I confess to being amongst those whose first reaction is usually 'How could you not know about that?' so feel free to tell me this one has been around for ages.

I've just had an email telling me I've been fired. It refers to a company I've never heard of and to previous written warnings.

Why on earth would someone think that getting an email about a job I never had referring to previous correspondence I've never seen would lead me to click on the malware link attached?

I always say that these scams wouldn't continue unless people were daft enough to respond to them but how daft would you have to be to fall for this one?

  Aitchbee 11:16 15 Sep 2014

Perhaps it's a new hard-wired, subliminal, 'trigger-happy'-response-mechanism, beginning to take over [the human psyche] :o(

No scoffing at my reply, please.

  Woolwell 12:16 15 Sep 2014

It's a new one to me.

Be aware of a company that rings up stating that they can stop nuisance calls. I pointed out to them that they were a nuisance call and it is a scam.

  BillSers 12:51 15 Sep 2014

There are lots of people out there who aren't as astute as you and I on matters such as these. I once key-worked a guy who had been diagnosed with an IQ of 85 and was on benefits and spent about £400 in a night chatting up a girl on a premium line unaware he was being charged at exorbitant rates. BTW he was the best chess player I've ever seen though.

  fourm member 14:03 15 Sep 2014

Of course, there will be some like the man BillSers's mentions. But, I would have thought those people would fall for the good old 'You've won a prize' type.

I'm just struggling to understand the target demographic when these crims wrote the email.

On the broader theme, I can't agree with Jock1e that ISPs should exert greater control over what we see. That's a bad road to take as far as I'm concerned.

  hastelloy 15:04 15 Sep 2014

This was new to me until I had it this morning. I have to admit, I was tempted to do some research on the company that had supposedly sacked me but decide I had better things to do.

I guess some people could be upset by this and go along the "You've got the wrong man" route.

  Flak999 15:11 15 Sep 2014

fourm member

"how daft would you have to be to fall for this one?"

Never underestimate the idiocy of your fellow man!

  Forum Editor 15:51 15 Sep 2014

It's a new one as far as I'm concerned, so no scoffing from this quarter.

  carver 16:46 15 Sep 2014

They are relying on mans curiosity as to why some one else with the same name has been fired and they hope that you are curious enough to want to know the details.

There's nothing better than gossip to get people interested.

  BRYNIT 21:05 15 Sep 2014

Carver may have the right idea.

Jock1e are you saying you would like Virgin media or any other ISP you may be with to read all of your emails just to find the ones that could be a scam on the other hand they could also be personal documents for you to read.

  fourm member 08:59 16 Sep 2014

I suppose some people might think they are going to find out some salacious information. But, I come back to this, anyone daft enough to fall for this would jump at a tax refund or a Nigerian princess or all the other scams.

Incidentally, I looked at the company named in my email. It seems to be perfectly normal and has just been picked from the phonebook.

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