A new scam to look out for!

  SparkyJack 19:18 02 Sep 2014

In my spam box( yahoo on the ball!) A thank you from a'Clara Rocchi' for an order for £151.xx payment to be collected by wire transfer'

There is a attachment.

As nothing has been ordered and to collect my bank detail would have to be known,that isnt going to happen.

I don't bank on line.

So those of you who do 'warch out for this one, if it does come your way, check your bank.

  Woolwell 19:51 02 Sep 2014

It's not new!

  lotvic 23:18 02 Sep 2014

..so don't fall for the old scams - you be careful out there ;)

  Forum Editor 06:16 03 Sep 2014

As Woolwell says, this one has been around for a long time. It obviously works from time to time, or it wouldn't be repeatedly sent out.

As always with these things, if you know you didn't order anything, or enter the lottery, or if whatever it is that's in the message title looks unfamiliar,delete them straight away.

  SparkyJack 09:38 03 Sep 2014

Looks like Yahoo are to the mark then.

As always, if you didn't enter/order you can't win/get a delivery.

  SparkyJack 18:31 19 Sep 2014

A variation on this one

A/telephone call from a chum

'Hey what's this all about?

He too has got one of these but this time 'it came from me. Itold him to delete it.

If her any one you know had gone further what would be the end result?

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