New Scam- CMC Consulting Mortgages

  PaulB2005 11:12 05 Apr 2006

Please be aware of a new scam we were on the receiving end of this morning.

At 9 am we had a phone call from CMC Consulting Mortgages (African voice) asking if I remember discussing how they were going to find us a better rate for our mortgage. (Personal circumstances tell us they were trying it on)

I stated that I hadn't discussed this with anyone but they were adamant as they "had my details" (I didn't think to ask what details they had but probably just a phone book)

I asked for a supervisor.

A gentleman with a heavy west African accent came on and gave his name as Daniel Atkins

I asked for the company name and address. He gave

CMC Consulting Mortgages
28 Yorkshire Street
Upper East Side
WJ24 2GH

This is clearly a false address!!!! Upper East Side? WJ24??

When pushed on this he maintained he got lots of post there.

Finally I asked for their VAT registration number which he refused to give. He asked why I needed this I said I knew the address was false. He stated he'd had a great shock that morning and that he didn't need this. They then hung up.

The call showed as Unavailable on the Caller Display.

I believe they are looking to get hold of your Mortgage Details so they can extend it and pocket the money.

I can't find any other instances of this or a similar scam at the minute so it might well be a new one.

Personally I'd rather be rude to a genuine cold caller than risk loosing any money.

  g0slp 12:20 05 Apr 2006

Thanks for the heads-up on this.

  ittech247 13:02 05 Apr 2006

I recently got an email from Canada saying that i had been left some goverment bonds and to ring a special number, i passed the info on to the click here who are more than happy to deal with this kind of fraud coming from their own country.

  SG Atlantis® 13:06 05 Apr 2006

cold callers... have gotten less and less thanks to tps for me.

Usually I let them tell me who they are then I go "BBBYYYYEEEEEEE" and hang up.

PaulB2005 good to see you were "on the ball" there, and posting this. Hopefully your post will stop some poor sods handing over sensitive info.

  freaky 13:33 05 Apr 2006

By registering with them for both my telephone and FAX numbers has reduced cold calls dramatically.

A good way of foxing a cold call is to answer the call, then leave your phone off the hook for a while - means they cannot make any further calls !

  johndrew 14:40 05 Apr 2006

PaulB2005 thanks for the heads up.

I agree with freaky.

There are three services well worth signing up to and they are all free:

Telephone Preference Service
Mail Preference Service
Fax Preference Service

They stop a lot of annoyance and offer a little protection. The latter can also save paper!

BT will also bar premium rate number from your `phone which is handy for rogue diallers if still on a dial up service. This is not so good if you want to ring a help line that is premium or one of the TV donation/competition lines. This is also free to enable.

  PaulB2005 19:08 05 Apr 2006

Telephone Preference Service
Mail Preference Service
Fax Preference Service

Done them all many times.

Turns out the scam is just to get you to cough up a fee for a service that never occurs. Easier than getting a mortgage extension or loan with the info i suppose.

The only thing is i can't help think that the people making the calls think they are operating a legit service whilst the bosses know the "fees" buy nothing. What is it called? "Plausible Denial"? Where information is withheld from someone so they can "lie" more effectively. i.e. someone who knows it's a scam will not lie as effectively as someone who thinks it is a real job.

  ezypcy 19:57 05 Apr 2006

SG Atlantis® , you now make me feel guilty.
I just cut the phone connection.From now on, I will use your little parting song.

Yes,manners are very important and it will not matter whether I am enjoying a lovely meal with a bottle of wine.Or that it wakes the

  €dstowe 11:19 06 Apr 2006

Unfortunately the preference services don't extend to scam calls so, even if you're fully covered, these can still get through - like the mortgage call I had the other evening similar to yours, PaulB2005.

I don't remember the name of the mortgage consultancy but the gist of what they said was very similar. I let them rabbit on for a while before I told them that my home was wholly my own and I didn't have or want a mortgage. They then changed their approach and told me the advantages of having a mortgage to release huge amounts of cash. The became quite agitated and rude when I told then I didn't want or need any extra cash and swore quite offensively at me for wasting their time. (Note: ME wasting THEIR time - it was they who phoned me but by the time I could say that they'd rung off).

Again, a number unavailable call. When this Caller Display device came in I promised myself that I wouldn't answer these anonymous calls but, I still do.

  yaesu 15:54 11 Apr 2006

"This house is rented" usually works. Or conundrum= stuffed get!

  wee eddie 16:33 11 Apr 2006

They usually lose interest when I suggest that they ring my landlord.

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