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  woodchip 12:44 07 Nov 2012

Toll Charges mostly round London but where next?

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  Forum Editor 16:09 07 Nov 2012

"We all need to travel from place to place, so it's the perfect way to screw money out of people."

It's actually the perfect way to catch people who try to avoid paying. The London Congestion charge scheme has operated for about eight years now, and if you don't pay you are fined. That seems perfectly fair to me, so I can't see why you're calling it an attempt "to screw money out of people".

If you break the law you must expect to pay the penalty.

  woodchip 16:21 07 Nov 2012

No Idea about this, but how would it affect someone that as Free Road Tax like me, on Mobility. Including the scheme for two tier Motorway Tolls

  morddwyd 19:56 07 Nov 2012


Your tax disc shows your exemption, and therefore so will the DVLA record of your vehicle.

  Aitchbee 21:04 07 Nov 2012

If all vehicles, on the toll-road, had appropriate 'Bar Code' identifiers of a [readable / scanable size] ... t'would make this 'money-making-scheme' much more efficient .. like what they have at shop check-out tills ... kerching!

  kad60 22:19 07 Nov 2012

It is all well,arguably.that toll roads should be the 'norm' but should the prices paid go to private enterprise or to the Exchequer,after all it is public money which financed these avenues of production.

  Forum Editor 23:23 07 Nov 2012

"I'd imagine it to be quite easy to drive on one of these roads without realising you have to go online to pay a toll"

It's difficult not know when you enter the London congestion charging zone, there are large warning signs by the roadside, and big markers in the road lanes. If you do forget you have until the end of the next day to pay.

You can pay on-line or over the phone. As for automation, it works perfectly. Each time I enter the zone the computer system recognises my car number plate and records a charge. At the end of each month the relevant amount is taken from my bank account. I haven't once had a problem since the scheme started.

The same technology is used all over the world, and it could easily operate on UK toll roads.

  Al94 07:08 08 Nov 2012

This system has been operating well in Ireland for many years now. It is quite easy to pre register your vehicle so that tolls are automatically charged to preferred credit card or bank account when recognised by anpr camera. Alternatively you have a set period of time to pay after using a toll section. Quite simple in reality.

  morddwyd 09:02 08 Nov 2012


Thank you for that.

It is a long time since I was in Central London, and I often wondered how one would pay for a one off journey, or if one got lost and entered the zone without intending to.

  Condom 13:26 08 Nov 2012

Personally there are other things I would do first. Do away with the Car Tax completely and put the cost on to fuel. That way the polluter pays and those that drive most pay most. Replace the present Tax Disk with a Disk which shows that the car is Insured and has a current MOT so the traffic wardens can do their jobs more effectively. There are too many uninsured and non roadworthy cars on the road and only the Police can spot them. This sort of thing is done in other countries so the technology is surely there.

But at the end of the day it is all about getting more taxes in so the treasury will probably call the shots on this one.

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