A New Quiz?

  crosstrainer 17:22 30 Aug 2008

Without wishing in any way to interfere with the most enjoyable pictorial offerings from Brumas on a Friday...

Can I suggest a "Fill in the missing lyrics" quiz?


I don't want to talk.............

Next line

That was only an example....And only with Brumas' permission.. Might be fun though.

I start at 1900 and go from there.

  Brumas 17:26 30 Aug 2008

I feel flattered that you would even think you needed to ask my opinion - I do not hold the monopoly on holding a regular weekly 'brainstorm' go for it young man!!

and the answer is - DUH :o))

  crosstrainer 17:31 30 Aug 2008

I like the Young Man Old, and not necessarily as wise as Mr Franklin would lead us to believe.

But felt it was fair to ask, collaboration may also come into play at some stage.

Might be a bit of fun, the time for the DC3 is coming ever closer now, and I suppose I'm twiddling my thumbs....

Put on a suit for the last time on Monday, then it's (a surprise) party which isn't!

Then it's

A topic via email shortly :))

  crosstrainer 17:32 30 Aug 2008

Ok, one for tasters, "She came from Providence"

Artist and song title please?

  Brumas 17:34 30 Aug 2008

No use asking me - I'm tone deaf and I'm with Norwich Union ;o))

  crosstrainer 17:37 30 Aug 2008


But you do listen to music which you enjoy? COuld do a different ctagorie each week..

No, Just random ones, like your pics.!

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