New poll: do you use a satnav? If so, what kind?

  PC Advisor 16:26 19 Aug 2009

The launch of TomTom for iPhone really seems to have captured the attention. Does this mean that 'traditional' standalone satnavs are no more? Do you feel comfortable using a phone handset? Or should we all man up and get a map and compass out!

  Managing ed 16:28 19 Aug 2009

Personally I've always found the idea of using a standalone device JUST for navigation is a bit of a waste. But I'm not convinced that a phone screen is sufficient for the job.

  wiz-king 16:33 19 Aug 2009

No - no use to me at all - dont show bridle paths - and I need both hands to control my horse.

  anchor 16:52 19 Aug 2009

If one needs a SatNav when driving, (as I do when touring abroad), the idea of a handset strikes me a ridiculous!. I want a decent size screen to consult when in doubt.

It does not seem to have much stir on the dedicated TomTom forum. It may have a place in the market, but I cannot imagine that it will replace conventional SatNavs.

Managing ed: A waste? - not for me; it has enabled me to find my way travelling about 2500 mls around France.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:57 19 Aug 2009

Isn't it illegal to use a mobile phone while driving regardless of what application you are using on it?

For driving got to be a standalone satnav,

for walking around unfamiliar city then phone application is good enough,

for walking across country then again a standalone version is better.

  interzone55 17:06 19 Aug 2009

"Isn't it illegal to use a mobile phone while driving regardless of what application you are using on it?"

It's only illegal to use a phone whilst it's in your hand.

If you're using the phone to make a call with a bluetooth headset you're not breaking the law.

If your phone is in a cradle on the dash serving up maps then there's no law being broken there either.

As for the poll - I wouldn't have an iPhone if it were given to me, I think it's overly expensive and over-hyped, a phone is for making phone calls and the odd text, I'm only just coming round to the concept of a camera phone, useful for snaps when accidents have occurred.

I've got a standalone NavMan F20...

  WhiteTruckMan 17:19 19 Aug 2009

from a tomtom one v1 to a tomtom one v5 so this is relevant to me. having everything on one device is too much like putting all your eggs in one basket as far as I'm concerned. One can update the maps in a satnav relatively easily, and the hardware will still be relevant. But phones become obsolete so quickly, and with a huge drop in value in such a short time.

I can see a use for such things in places where you cannot encumber yourself with lots of devices. Say, when out hiking a gps navigation system can be a lifesaver, but in such circumstances I would be extremely concerned with battery life.


  Bingalau 17:29 19 Aug 2009

I've got a TomTom One and I love it. I can't understand these people who say they prefer to use a map. I used to teach Military Topography and I think we have to give way to progress by using maps in their modern form which sat-navs are.

  BT 17:36 19 Aug 2009

does the job for me too.

"But phones become obsolete so quickly, and with a huge drop in value in such a short time."

But they still work. If you want the latest all singing all dancing 'phone' you've got to expect it to lose its value. If you just need a phone that makes/receives calls and lets you send/receive texts you don't need to keep upgrading. My Mobile must be getting on for 10 years old and cost me £49.99 but it still does its job. You can still get a basic mobile for less than £20, as long as you don't want to take pictures,play music or surf the web with it.

  Forum Editor 17:39 19 Aug 2009

is built into the car. I use it all the time.

  John B 17:49 19 Aug 2009

Garmin mobile XT on an N96 using the built-in GPS. Works a treat.

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