New Police Initiative

  laurie53 09:06 28 Nov 2008

Police to issue flip flops to drunks

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I make no comment!

  Cymro. 10:50 28 Nov 2008

There was a time when the police use to just put the drunks in a cell for the night and then have them up before the magistrates the next morning on a drunk and disorderly charge. It is very rarely that I hear about drunks having such treatment from the police these days.

Yes I do know that there are far too many drunks about the place these days for the police to run them all in to a cell for the night, but still I do wonder what has gone wrong that our streets are virtually a no go area for decent law abiding citizens on many a weekend night.

As for the police dishing out flip flops to help the drunks get home in some safety, well the police must think it a good idea and at least they are doing something about the problem. Give it a try it may even work.

  newman35 10:51 28 Nov 2008

Agree, and
4. It might more than pay for itself in less visits to 'casualty' from 'falling off' their high heels or lacerations of their feet from broken glass.

Relatively small cost might actually save a lot?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:08 28 Nov 2008

Last year I ended up in casualty on a Saturday night (no I was not drunk :0)).

There were many people people going in with broken legs / twisted ankles.

The price of a pair if flip flops is saved many times over when compared to the cost of hospital treatment.

  realist 11:16 28 Nov 2008

I don't agree this footwear will be seen as unfashionable and predict it will soon be featuring on eBay.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:16 28 Nov 2008

"The police and the Safer Communities Torbay group already hand out packs to revellers that include a condom, a bottle of water, safety leaflets and cosmetics"

Cosmetics? Whats that about?


  Colin 12:49 28 Nov 2008

I must live in some sort of alternate reality. What on earth is going on out there?

  wee eddie 15:34 28 Nov 2008

I can vouch for the excessive height of the current fashion shoes.

I think that Torbay has had a brilliant idea. Bully for them

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