New phising attempt

  silverous 10:21 30 Aug 2006

Last month I was the victim of an ebay phishing attempt, and I shamefully fell for it (it was very good attempt and co-incided with the day after me listing something which assisted them).

click here

This morning I received an email from paypal referring to an abuse of my paypal account and with a link to login and suggesting I login to provide further information. I was a little suspicious even though it tallied roughly with the first incident, I hovered over the link and indeed it is dodgy:

click here . 184 . 68 . 229/www . paypal . com/papal-in/cgi-bin/webscr.htm

I've put spaces in in the hope that it will appear here not as a "click here". Indeed if you go there you can put in any details you like and click login and surprise surprise it asks you for your details including credit card.

I can see how easily others, who are less IT literate than I would easily fall for this convincing scam. I have of course reported it to paypal and also listed the site on Surfcontrol (the filter we use at work) so hopefully corporate users at least will soon be protected (if they use this filter).

  silverous 10:22 30 Aug 2006

link didn't post quite right

Where it says Click here it should have the address starting 212 .

  pj123 10:43 30 Aug 2006

Not really "new". I get them quite regularly, from ebay and paypal and I don't even have an account. I just forward them to [email protected]

  silverous 10:59 30 Aug 2006

New to me. I dare say the address is new. I'm glad it is no use to you whatsoever though, thanks for posting :)

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